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BlackBerry for work

Each person has their own unique requirement of a gadget, especially if the gadget is as versatile as the BlackBerry. Some might use the camera and media options to the hilt, while some might abuse messaging using it for informal and formal communication alike, whether or not it is required. For some, the business apps like Word and Excel might be optimum whereas others might prize their e-mail-on-the-go. This brings us to a very important section choosing your handset wisely.

Contrary to popular belief, BlackBerry models and purchasing isn’t as complicated a process as some would like to believe. With basic understanding, you will be able to make a well-informed decision in no time. You need to be sure that your model covers all the features you require while keeping to your budget.

From the Princess phone to smartphones, telecommunication has certainly come a long way! The past century has witnessed growth at a laudable rate, and why shouldn’t that be the case? Communication has and will remain one of the most important aspects of human and social existence. And what can be a better medium than a compact, mobile, and flexible gadget—the smartphone! In addition, the multitude of bells and whistles only contributes to its appeal, making it a winner all around. As means of communication take on newer avatars, you can be assured that the smartphone promises to keep up.

Verbal communication is not only direct in nature, but is also one of the fastest mediums of communication. Barring the advantage of visuals and nonverbal communication offered by video conferencing, telephone delivered messages do prove to be one of the most effective means of sending and receiving instant responses without the requirement of close proximity while adding personalization. Let’s delve into the wide spectrum of options that the BlackBerry’s Phone application offers.

Who said the job of a phone is only to make and receive calls? What if I told you that the BlackBerry’s conference calling facilities; voice attachment playback in MP3 format; Bluetooth enabled technology that allows hands-free usage built-in speaker phones; and voice activated dialling is only the tip of the iceberg? Without further adieu, let’s get cracking and have a look at some of the basic functions of the Phone application along with guidelines to using them.

By Kunal Mittal | Shikha Gupta
Apress. | English | 289 pages | PDF | 16.988 KB | Download | Password: blackberry

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