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5 Considerations for Selecting an Enterprise Wireless Network!

5 Considerations for Selecting an Enterprise Wireless Network!

Businesses are increasingly feeling the need to re-architect their enterprise networks in an effort to accommodate the hastily developing demand for wi-fi connectivity. Many of them are gadgets, Internet of Things, and cloud-based totally packages, in addition to elevated adoption of WiFi-hungry practices like BYOD.

An enterprise-grade wi-fi network is more than only a collection of WiFi Access Points (APs). At the minimum, it’s characterized via superior safety and overall performance; centralized configuration and control; and a much higher potential for user density.

With an enterprise wireless network, you commonly get the following advantages over a traditional wi-fi network:

         Better collaboration skills. Your users can circulate from room to room without losing access to applications and documents that require a persistent network connection.

         Centralized management. Administrators can configure and control the network from a centralized place instead of doing the identical duties on each AP.

         Better compliance competencies. It typically comes with safety features and settings designed for assembly regulatory compliance and security coverage requirements.

         Better stop person experience. All network-based totally tactics will be faster, clearer, and less susceptible to disruptions.

Although almost all enterprise-class wireless networks can readily provide these advantages, there are a handful of factors you want to provide greater attention for when deciding on the right network in your enterprise. These concerns assist you to get the most bang for your dollar, obtain stronger safety, streamline control, and notably improve the quit consumer revel in.

1. Intelligence

Does your video convention or video stream sometimes flip “choppy” even in case your Internet connection is speedy enough? Chances are, you’re getting too much RF interference. RF interference can reason a great drop in wireless network performance. Most of this interference comes from WiFi routers and different WiFi devices but also can be because of non-WiFi sources which include Bluetooth or microwaves.

2. Coverage

Before you begin building your network, you need to behave a domain survey first. At a minimum, you want to identify:

         Places in which there are dead spots

         Areas which can be bound to have a higher attention of customers

         The variety of systems which are in all likelihood to attach to every room or floor

         The kind of creation substances used at the partitions and floors

3. Security

Wireless network protection is a first-rate challenge in the company, especially for the one’s agencies protected by means of information privacy and safety rules like HIPAA and PCI DSS. If you comply with those hyperlinks, you’ll find files that offer prescriptive steering for compliance with such laws and guidelines. Included here are guidelines for required security features/functions like authentication, encryption, rogue AP detection, intrusion prevention structures (IPS), and get admission to logging.

Regular wireless networks can most effectively fulfill some of these regulatory requirements. Thus, if you need to attain compliance or simply set up more potent protection, it’s first-rate in case your network already has these abilities out of the container instead of placing together a hodgepodge of solutions.

4. Cloud or Onsite-Based Controller

Wireless network controllers enable you to have in one place the potential to configure, communicate, and implement policies on all APs within the network. There are two important styles of controllers: on-premise wi-fi controllers and cloud-based total wi-fi controllers. Each has its own set of blessings and disadvantages.

Generally, speak, onsite controllers are greater well matched with legacy WiFi devices and aren’t dependent on Internet connection speeds and availability. On the alternative hand, cloud-based totally controllers are extra capable of dealing with geographically dispersed commercial enterprise gadgets and effectively support zero-contact deployments. Take a more in-depth have a look at the pros and cons of the use of every type of controller to determine which one is more suitable for your business enterprise.

5. QoS (Quality of Service)

Today’s organizations make good sized use of VoIP technologies and video conferencing software like GoToMeeting, Skype for Business or Webex with a purpose to allow geographically separated colleagues and enterprise companions to collaborate, discuss, plan, gift, or troubleshoot. All those sports require crystal clean video and, more importantly, audio.

Therefore, you’ll make sure your enterprise wireless network without problems helps QoS (Quality of Service) and, as a great deal as feasible, voice prioritization abilities. This will permit you to prioritize voice packets over other packets that undergo your network like say video or document transfers.

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