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An overview of Liftboat and jacking system

An overview of Liftboat and jacking system


A liftboat for wind farm is a self-propelled, self-elevating vessel with a comparatively massive open deck capable of carrying equipment and providers in support of varied offshore mineral exploration and production or offshore construction activities. A liftboat conjointly has the potential of quickly raising its hull clear of the water on its own legs, therefore as to give a stable platform from which maintenance and construction building work may be conducted.

Liftboats are typically outfitted with a minimum of one crane; Liftboats are normally used to perform maintenance on oil and gas well platforms. The liftboat typically moves on location on a facet of the platform where no obstructions or pipelines are discovered, lowers its legs and jack up out of the water. For the reason that the pads of the liftboat are sitting on a muddy, unstable seafloor, most liftboats follow a security measure referred to as a preload, where the boat jacks-up absolutely the minimum to clear hull from the tops of the considerable wave heights, fills its holds with water for weight and permits the boat to settle within the mud for many hours before dumping the water and jacking up to work height.

If the mud of the seafloor provides manner under the liftboat, it can fall under the water and put the lives of the crew at risk. An entire site survey before moving on location is a crucial safety measure to confirm that all seafloor options (like can holes, pipelines, etc.) are known before selecting a final location.

Jacking system

After years of evidence operational expertise and business demands, we developed the foremost advanced high speed, high capability liftboat Jacking System for the self-elevating, mobile offshore vessel business. The ABS approved 430 Electro-Hydraulic Jacking System is intended specifically for the new era of self-elevating, mobile offshore vessels utilized in the offshore oil and gas business, wind farm maintenance and different worldwide offshore markets.

The offshore business demands more from the vessel: additional jacking capability, more speed, and more operational life.

Key features for liftboats and self-elevating jack-up:

·         Smooth operation – tooth engagement and transition is smoother than others

·         Load sharing – the load is shared between a pair of teeth per pinion, thus, higher tooth-to-rack contact Longer, hollow pinion shafts

·         Flexibility – this evidenced design permits the pinion to rotate slightly below the heavy masses hydraulic drive

·         High power density motors – permits speed changes and fewer pinions

·         Low inertia – they can reply to sudden reversals with less impact on the drive

·         Speed is gently varied from a creep to full speed or any intermediate speed

·         Accurate leg masses

·         Jacking System observation

·         Network extends to various countries worldwide.

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