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: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

What You Should Know Concerning Portugal Golden Visa Program

When you apply for the Portugal Golden Visa program you can live and work in Portugal. You can get residency in Europe through the Portugal Golden Visa Program. If you have been looking forward to living in Portugal, then you should consider applying for the Portugal Golden Visa program. You should read more on this page to know about this program because it might be confusing.

You invest in real estate through the Portugal Golden Visa Program and this helps you to get European residency. For a property which is 30 years old, then you can apply a minimum of 350,000 and the other regular investment for real estate is the 500,000. It does not matter which kind of real estate you invest in whether residential or commercial and again, you can rent it out to earn you income. You qualify for the Portugal Golden Visa program once you invest such an amount in real estate. However, you need to consider everything required for you to qualify for this residency visa. UK citizens can apply for this Portugal Golden Visa program now check it out!

For you to apply for the visa you need to have already invested in real estate. Hence, before you apply for the visa, you need to have made the investment three months prior application. The good thing is the company you are using for the real estate investment in Portugal has lawyers who would handle the Portugal Golden Visa application for you. Learn more on this website about such companies.

You will need to have obtained a criminal record and medical insurance cover when applying for the visa. If you don’t have these two, then you would be disqualified for the Portugal Golden Visa. You ought to have a clean medical record. Medical insurance cover will help to cover expenses in case of illnesses while you are in Europe. You can renew the Portugal Golden Visa residency when there is proof of two weeks stay for two years. Therefore, you don’t necessarily need to live in Portugal for you to qualify for residency visa, 14 days are enough. You can learn more about these requirements if you read more here.

However, you will need to consider fees accumulated when applying for the Portugal Golden Visa program. You need to have a budget because the government application fee applies. You will need the renewal residency fee and if you have a family, the main member costs are higher compared per each member of the family. Still, you are required to pay investment tax. Therefore, you need to know the exact amount you need for the entire process and even renewals per year through the company you are using. Check out for more here!

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