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A professional fast learner, with experience in the IT management, capable of technical troubleshooting to identify and solve problems.

Secrets of Swiss Banking

By Hoyt Barber John Wiley & Sons, Inc. | English | 291 pages | PDF | 1.166 KB | Download | Password: swiss Switzerland. The word itself conjures up a multitude of images, nearly all quite positive and most virtually in the realm of the magical, mythical, and too good to be true. And, really, is there any other single place on this increasingly sordid planet whose reality is so close to fantasy, and maybe even perfect? Switzerland is a breath-taking wonderland of majestic Alps vaulting to the sky, charming villages nestled down deep in the valleys, pristine lakes of profound clarity, and cities of such cleanliness, beauty, and order that it seems like some deity designed and built them. And then, well, there’s all that money! And what about all the fantastic things that such money can buy resting beautifully behind rows and rows of elegant shop windows just …

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Strategies for selling your old tech equipment

It’s not your fault that manufacturers continually create faster processor, slicker smartphones, and bigger TVs, for instance, in all probability you didn’t write letters to companies, demanding that they invent a high definition camcorder that would fit your pocket, but at this point, the inescapable facts are that someone made em and now you want em. Unfortunately the piles of old gadgets accumulating in your desk drawer and closet are beginning to make you fell just little bit guilty and of course you can’t always afford to lay down more cash to gratify your need for the newest, shiniest stuff. Before you start listing your unwanted stuff on eBay, sort out which items are worth the investment of time required to sell them, laptops are prime candidate for resale though the price they fetch will depend heavily on their age and on how much they cost when brand-new. Higher-end business …

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iPad Networking and Security

By Glenn Fleishman TidBITS Publishing Inc. | English | 152 pages | PDF | 4.600 KB | Download | Password: ipad An argument against the iPad before its introduction was that it was just “a big iPod touch.” In reality, it is not: the bigger screen makes it possible to use it in a different way altogether. But from the standpoint of networking and other communications, the iPad is like a giant iPod touch with some iPhone features thrown in, too. Like the iPod touch, the iPad cannot place phone calls via a cellular network, and it has Wi-Fi built in; like the iPhone, Apple offers an iPad model that sends and receives data over a 3G cellular network but which can’t handle cell phone calls. This combination of options and the likelihood that you probably don’t own both a Wi-Fi only and a 3G iPad has implications for the …

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Hacking Gmail

By Ben Hammersley Wiley Publishing, Inc| English | 310 pages | PDF | 5.416 KB | Download | Password: gmail Google’s web-based e-mail service, still now at the time of this writing in Beta, and available only to people invited by other existing users, was launched. Offering a gigabyte of storage, an incredibly advanced JavaScript interface, and a series of user interface innovations, Gmail was an instant hit among those who could get access to the system. Today, more than a year later, Gmail is proving to be one of the flagship applications on the web—a truly rich application within the browser, combined with the server based power of the world’s leading search engine. Of course, all that power just begs to be abused. Power corrupts, as they say, and hackers are nothing but a corrupt bunch: Almost as soon as Gmail was launched, hackers were looking at ways to use …

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Digital Forensics for network, internet, and cloud computing

The modern computer environment has moved past the local data center with a single entry and exit point to a global network comprising many data centers and hundreds of entry and exit points. This business and service migration to remote data centers, where computing and storage are rented from a larger company, is referred to as cloud computing. Companies and people have realized great benefits that result from the use of cloud computing systems – not only in terms of productivity, but also in access to high-speed systems for managing very large data sets in ways that would be financially impossible for some small and midsized companies. Larger companies have also realized the benefits of cheap utility cloud computing as these companies migrate critical database ,transactional processing systems, and software packages to a rented space in a data center that can be anywhere in the world. This migration also has …

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97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

No matter how comfortable a schedule looks at the beginning of iteration, you can’t avoid being under pressure some of the time. If you find yourself having to choose between “doing it right” and “doing it quick,” it is often appealing to “do it quick” with the understanding that you’ll come back and fix it later. When you make this promise to yourself, your team, and your customer, you mean it. But all too often, the next iteration brings new problems and you become focused on them. This sort of deferred work is known as technical debt, and it is not your friend. Specifically, Martin Fowler calls this deliberate technical debt in his taxonomy of technical debt,* and it should not be confused with inadvertent technical debt. Technical debt is like a loan: you benefit from it in the short term, but you have to pay interest on it until …

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Secrets for blogging your way to a six figure income

It is hard to miss the word “blog” today, we hear blogs mentioned in the media, see them all over the world wide web and we even hear then discussed now in business and social situations, in many case the term “blogger” is used not just to describe a person who writes a blog, but also someone who earns money doing it. So what exactly is a blog? Because we are at the beginning of g a blogging book, this is definitely an issue we need to be clear on. There are number of ways we can answer this question, ranging from the broad to the highly technical, to put it as clearly as possible, a blog is a particular type of website. Studies have shown that although awareness a blogs is increasing, there are still many people who frequent blog without realizing it, this is fine, the key things …

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OXIS advancing oxidative stress technology

Today, many people realize that it is best to use glutathione precursor supplements instead of ones that simply provide the molecule itself, glutathione importance and the process to manufacture it within the body for proper circulation are relatively recent. Its awareness has straddled both alternative and mainstream medicine; ideally, you should choose a supplement that will give you all of the precursors, as well as critical co-factors. Antioxidant skin care products require some knowledge about skin care. Many people are now aware of free radicals and the damage they can cause to your skin. Antioxidants help reverse the damage caused by free radicals. Most of us are aware of collagen and its role in acting as a support structure in the skin but you may not know that there are five main types of collagen more important than the others and each of them working in different areas of the …

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