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A professional fast learner, with experience in the IT management, capable of technical troubleshooting to identify and solve problems.

USB 3.0

When you are in front of your PC, waiting for something to transfer to removable media, seconds can feel like minutes and minutes like hours, and backups to USB 2.0 appear to crawl along at snail’s pace, so much so that users often become reluctant to perform that essential chore, such data transfer scenario are …

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Recognize a hoax

Fraudsters use a variety of techniques to get at your cash, the most common hoaxes and scams that you’ll come across online, they were all thought up and used successfully before the dawning of the internet, but your email inbox is the most likely place you’ll find them these days. This old hoax has been doing the round for year; it involves tricking victims into paying money in the many names, including money transfer fraud, advance fee fraud or 419 scam. Even before the internet existed, this fraud was rife it was usually spread using regular letters and fax machines. Email is cheaper and easier to send to millions of people, so the criminals have adapted the new technology. The name 419 comes from the article of the Nigerian criminal code that refers to fraud, the 419 scam originated in Nigeria in the 1980s, although similar cons had been occurring …

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Choosing a Camcorder

All camcorder are designed to record video, but there’s amazing variety of models, all the terminology you need to know and help you choose the right model for your need. Most camcorders can shoot video that’s compatible with the PAL TV format. This has resolution of 720×576 pixels and consists of 50 interlaced frames per second. Interlacing is when each whole frame is recorded and stored as two fields, each with only half the pictures, so in fact only 25 full frames are captures per second, this standard definition video will play on any TV with an appropriate video input. High definition (HD) TVs are becoming the norm, and if you haven’t got one yet, chances are that your next TV will be HD, HD camcorders have been available for a while now, but they’re still relatively expensive compared with standard definition models. Resolutions and frame rates vary, but 1,929×1,080 …

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Easier printing in Windows 7

In general, printing in Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 7 is the same as it has been for the past several Windows operating systems. You still perform the same installation and user actions to execute a print job. But there are a few new enhancements that strive to eliminate common user and IT hassles: Easier printing to devices found in multiple, recurring locations such as the home and office Access information about installed print devices and have an easy way to take action Achieve greater stability around print drivers Let’s look at a few of these new features. Location aware printing New with Windows 7, the OS (operating system) automatically sets and remembers your default printer based on your current network location. So now, when you go between the office and home, your default printer will change automatically, making it simple to access and use the printer you have in each location. Say …

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6 ways to beat computer viruses

Computer viruses: they’ve been around for years, and they aren’t going away. And they continue to proliferate and cause major damage, with the “Gumblar” or “Geno” virus as the latest high-profile virus to infect computers. This virus is a particularly insidious one, with a multi-phased attack. After infecting a machine, Gumblar installs a series of malware programs, including a small application capable of stealing FTP credentials. It can gain control of an entire website and freely operate it. Gumblar also monitors the infected user’s online activity, and waits for the user to conduct Google searches. The malware hijacks the search results, replacing them with any link of its choice and further infecting the computer with malware. The virus also installs a fake antivirus program known as System Security 2009, and disables any legitimate security software. So what can you do to avoid becoming a victim of this and other viruses? …

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Login to Your PC by Simply Looking

Logging into Windows has never been easier! Just look into a webcam for a moment, and you’ll be logged into your account before you notice. Blink! Advanced face recognition technologies to provide automatic, quick and reliable login to one or many computer users. Blink is a biometric PC access application that enables the user to log in to Windows by face, which is captured by the webcam, matched against the registered profile and identified by the application? The application makes it remarkably easy to log in the system as there is no need to enter username and password on Windows startup, or when the system is locked. The logon process is completely automatic and based on received biometric data. With Blink! You can login day or night. Sophisticated face recognition algorithms adjust for varying lighting conditions automatically, making login possible without additional training no matter whether window or artificial lighting is being …

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Creating a Budget

Like it or not, you deal with money every day. Some people deal with it better than others do. The difference is in their money-management skills. You’re not born with these skills; you learn them. And improvement comes with practice. Because you picked up this book, I know that you’re at least Somewhat motivated to start living on a budget so that you can take control of your spending and start saving. Creating a Budget takes a practical look at the many phases of creating a budget. You’ll find information that you can use to pursue better management of your money so that it can go further and lead to investments that provide greater financial security. Your budget is a financial map to help you reach your financial goals, and it’s useless unless you know where you are now and where you want to go. Determine your current financial situation …

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TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview

The TCP/IP protocol suite has become a staple of today’s international society and global economy. Continually evolving standards provide a wide and flexible foundation on which an entire infrastructure of applications are built. Through these we can seek entertainment, conduct business, make financial transactions, deliver services, and much, much more. However, because TCP/IP continues to develop and grow in order to meet the changing needs of our communities, it might sometimes be hard to keep track of new functionality or identify new possibilities. For this reason, the TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview provides not only an introduction to the TCP/IP protocol suite, but also serves as a reference for advanced users seeking to keep their TCP/IP skills aligned with current standards. It is our hope that both the novice and the expert will find useful information in this publication. The Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) suite has become the industry-standard …

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101 Ways to Promote Your Web Site

There are millions of Web sites, selling millions of products on the Internet every day, and they are all competing for viewers; many of them are competing for the same viewers you are! How do you get the results you’re looking for? When asked if they are marketing on the Internet, many people and organizations say, “Yes, we have a Web site.” However, having a Web site and marketing on the Internet are two very different things. Yes, usually you need a Web site to market on the Internet. However, a Web site is simply a collection of documents, images, and other electronic files that are publicly accessible across the Internet. Your site needs to be designed to meet your online objectives and should be developed with your target market in mind. Internet marketing encompasses all the steps you take to reach your target market online, attract visitors to your …

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