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Easier printing in Windows 7

In general, printing in Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 7 is the same as it has been for the past several Windows operating systems. You still perform the same installation and user actions to execute a print job. But there are a few new enhancements that strive to eliminate common user and IT hassles: Easier printing to devices …

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Speed up that old PC

It’s not your imagination. That computer you bought a few years ago really is slower. Programs take longer to open and so do Web pages. Booting your machine takes an eternity. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time for a new computer. You just need to bring it back up to speed. I’ll tell you how to do just that. Links to programs and sites I mention are at Check for malware Spyware, adware and viruses slow your machine. Malware shouldn’t be a problem if you use up-to-date security software. Still, scan your machine for viruses and spyware and remove any problems found. If you need security software, visit my site for free programs. Clean your hard drive A full hard drive slows down your computer. It will take longer to access files. So, clean it up. Windows and programs you install often create temporary and setup files. Use Disk Clean-up to …

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Maximize your notebook battery

One of the downsides of owing a notebook PC is battery life, despite the claims of the marketing people, it always seems that you have to recharge more often than you expect, and not only that, but the actual lifespan of a battery before it needs replacing isn’t always up to scratch, like all rechargeable batteries, the one in a notebook has a finite number of recharges before its performance degrades and eventually it will stop holding a charge, although some unlucky people find their battery goes that great landfill in the sky within a year, somehow, it always seems to be just when the warranty has expired, generally the battery in a notebook, without any intervention, with the same extra care, though you can increase the longevity of the battery and at the same times stretch the time between recharges, giving you more time to do your work. In …

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Get you computing on the go

Today we have access to the information, entertainment and opportunity that computer provide from the comfort of our home, new even that limit has been broken; the usefulness of computers means demand for them has spread beyond the front door, carrying the first portable computers almost guaranteed you a hernia but now computers are small and light enough to fit into a pocket, laptops and netbooks mean we can take our valuable to access it with us wherever we go. But that’s not the only sense in which computing is now portable, there’s a new range of applications that you can access over the internet, you may have heard this described as cloud computing but all it means is that the software required to open and edit documents, images, spreadsheets and more is installed on a web based server rather than your computer, instead of opening a program from your …

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Put your computer in sleep mode every day

Shutting down your PC at the end of the day is so twentieth century, what you probably should be doing is putting it into sleep mode; you’ll avoid that interminable wait for your system to boot up, without destroying the earth or your bank account by causing a dramatic up-surge in energy usage, shutdown take 16 second and boot- up takes 66, shutting down is pretty fast, but booting up is painfully slow, I’m referring to true boot-up time from when press the power button to when at a usable desktop, clicking away and getting response. Any start-up includes a couple things like anti-virus software loading at boot, in contrast, it take 18 seconds to put PC on sleep mode and a more 2 seconds to wake it, just 2 seconds to start a truly usable desktop waking from sleep mode, shutting down takes a couple of second longer, what …

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