Friday , 7 October 2022
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The Wider Web

The internet just got a lot bigger, in July the internet corporation for assigned names and numbers (ICANN) approved a plant that broadly expands the number of top level domain (TLDs), which for now have been restricted to few choice designations. Then organization approve two major proposals, the first would allow virtually and combination of …

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Domain Registration

One of the first steps in setting up an online business or blog is to domain name registration your domain name. It’s very easy to do, as long as you know where to go and understand the terminology, make sure your domain name has not been registered by someone else by doing a “whois” search. Most domain registration sites maintain a whois database, but I generally use paylessdomains, enter the domain name you want to check into the online form, some “whois” Search forms make you enter a code contained in an on-screen graphic. This is to prevent overuse of the system by automated systems. If you are asked for the code, enter it. The results of the whois search will tell you if anyone already owns the name. If the name is taken, you will have to select another one. If it is unregistered, you can proceed. The most …

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