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Hacking Gmail

By Ben Hammersley Wiley Publishing, Inc| English | 310 pages | PDF | 5.416 KB | Download | Password: gmail Google’s web-based e-mail service, still now at the time of this writing in Beta, and available only to people invited by other existing users, was launched. Offering a gigabyte of storage, an incredibly advanced JavaScript interface, …

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Hacking BlackBerry

The BlackBerry is the fastest growing, most popular wireless e-mail device ever sold. Dubbed the “CrackBerry” as a tribute to how obsessively BlackBerry users will check their e-mails, the BlackBerry is best known for its unique and well-executed “push e-mail” functionality. This feature makes it a favourite of mobile professionals who need to be connected while on the go. The BlackBerry is a handheld device whose most notable feature is its wireless electronic messaging capability. With a BlackBerry handheld, millions of people who rely on e-mail communications to stay in touch with customers, clients, co-workers, friends, and family can now access, read, write, and send e-mail messages anytime, anywhere. The BlackBerry is also a general-purpose computing device complete with a processor, memory, storage, and an operating system. Like your desktop computer, your BlackBerry can be outfitted with additional application software programs that provide functionality not found on the basic product. …

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