Monday , 1 March 2021
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6 stupid office rules that should be banned

Rules in the workplace. Without them we’d have anarchy. Or would we? According to an article by Dr Travis Bradbury in the Huffington Post most companies fall into the trap of instigating morale sapping rules for every employee based upon the inconsiderate actions of a small minority of transgressors. Hardly seems fair does it? Anyway, in this article, Dr …

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Thank You, Bill Gates

Bill gates last day at Microsoft is just days away, so it’s a good time to take stock of what the man has and hasn’t done for us and in some cases to us, by and large, I think we owe bill gates a world of thanks. Say what will about the intense, driven man, described by some as mean spirited, but without bill gates, there likely would have been no Microsoft, no windows and no office suite, and there might even have been a delay in the technology and internet revolutions. Bill gate legacy is that he leaves behind a world of technology and reputation that will likely grown in structure over time. The company he and Paul Allen founded and that gates relentlessly drove for over three decades created an unrivaled universe of extraordinarily popular and successful products, namely windows. Microsoft products weren’t always original, perhaps they never …

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