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Anonymous Surfing

Below is information that you are giving away right now as you visit sites. Anonymous surfing is easy if you know what type of information to block. The end goal is to give away as little information about yourself as possible and we’ll help you do just that.

We are not doing anything special here, we are simply reading the information your computer is providing about you and displaying that back in a form you can understand. To surf anonymously, you need to first understand exactly what you are giving away.

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Hiding your Electronic Identity
An anonymous proxy is like a middle man, someone or something that acts for you without giving away who you are. In the case of anonymous surfing, the middle man is a computer (proxy server) that retrieves web pages for you so that it appears it is another system making the request.

When you surf the internet, your computer lets every other computer know who it is by giving away information such as your ip address, type of browser and a ton of other information. The goal is to hide all this information from other computers and this is called anonymous surfing.

You don’t have to use a proxy server and it is possible to hide just about all your information without one. The one item you can’t hide without some type of proxy is your IP address, and although this can help a site discover your service area, it will not lead them to your home.

We have a ton of tools on this site, such as proxo, that will let you surf anonymously, but if you really need to hide everything, then use a proxy server.

Some Proxy Servers are very Bad!
Not all proxy servers do as they claim and in fact, there are a ton of junk proxy servers out there that give people a false sense of security or worse, record everything you do in hopes to score a password or two!

Wether or not you decide to use an anonymous proxy, make sure you use this page to help verify that you are not giving away more information than you should – before you start surfing the internet!

Once I have more time, I’ll list some excellent anonymous proxy sites below.

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