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How to repair an Outlook Express folder

An awful thing can happen to any Outlook Express user: you run Outlook Express and open the folder containing the necessary information just to find it empty. Outlook Express can’t read the folder and does not see your messages. It’s hard to imagine what you may feel at a moment like this.

You ask yourself how to repair the Outlook Express folder. How to repair Outlook Express and to get back all the lost data? Is it difficult to repair Outlook Express? How to fix Outlook Express 6? We will try to help you repair the damaged Outlook Express folder and describe the entire process of repairing Outlook Express step by step. OE-Mail Recovery is a corrupted Outlook Express inbox recovery tool designed for repairing the Outlook Express database.Outlook Express stores all messages in files with the dbx extension.

In this case, one Outlook Express folder corresponds to one dbx file. As a rule, the names of dbx files coincide with the names of folders, e.g. the file Inbox.dbx corresponds to the Inbox folder in Outlook Express. Therefore, the Outlook Express repair procedure comes down to repairing dbx files. This tool helps you in case the Outlook Express inbox is corrupted. The tool can repair Microsoft Outlook Express files via a local network. OE-Mail Recovery Outlook Express dbx fix tool and helps to repair the corrupt Outlook Express Inbox and Outlook Express 6.0 repair tool, repair Outlook Express email tool too.

The Outlook Express repair procedure is divided into the following stages:
  1. Extracting messages from the damaged dbx file
  2. Backing up the damaged dbx file
  3. Creating a new empty Outlook Express folder
  4. Copying extracted messages to the new Outlook Express folder
Detailed description of each step in repairing Outlook Express:

Step 1: Extracting messages from the damaged dbx file.

A special tool is required to extract messages from a damaged Outlook Express folder and we offer you the OE-Mail Recovery program for this purpose. There is an easy and convenient wizard in OE-Mail Recovery that will help you extract all messages from your damaged Outlook Express folder in five steps. Besides, the wizard will easily teach you how to work with the program and repair Outlook Express. OE-Mail Recovery will give prompt you the folder where Outlook Express stores its dbx files. In this case, the only thing you have to do is to select the file that should be recovered and start the Outlook Express repair process. The time required to repair Outlook depends on the size of the damaged file. When the process of repairing Outlook Express is over, you will see the list of recovered messages. You can look through them the same way you do it in Outlook Express.

When the Outlook Express repair process is over, it is necessary to save the messages to the hard disk. OE-Mail Recovery allows you to select the messages you want to save when you view the repaired messages without closing the program.

Step 2: Backing up the damaged dbx file.

OE-Mail Recovery showed you the path to the Outlook Express file storage. And now save the damaged dbx files to a safe folder, they can be useful.

Step 3: Creating a new Outlook Express folder.

Remove the damaged dbx files from the Outlook Express folder. Run Outlook Express, click the folders whose dbx files you have just removed and Outlook Express will automatically create new empty dbx files.

Step 4: Copying extracted messages to the new Outlook Express folder.

To move the repaired messages to the new folder, you have to simultaneously open Outlook Express and Windows Explorer, select the repaired messages in Windows Explorer (use Shift + arrows keys or Ctrl + the left mouse button to do it), capture them with the mouse and drag them to the new Outlook Express folder.

The Outlook Express repair process is over and you get a completely repaired Outlook Express folder. So, problems with the Outlook Express inbox have been solved. Outlook Express files have been repaired. The OE-Mail Recovery program is like insurance for your messages, it allows you to repair archived dbx. It is Inbox repair tools in a most cases, helps OutlookExpress repair and repair Outlook inbox, Outlook Express 6.0 repair, dbx file repair. With OE-Mail Recovery, you can solve problems with the Outlook Express inbox.

OE-Mail Recovery is an Outlook Express inbox repair tool or an Outlook Express dbx repair tool. This Outlook Express repair kit is easy to use. The tool repairs the corrupted inbox of Outlook Express and Outlook Express 6. You can use OE-Mail Recovery to recover a corrupted inbox in Outlook Express. Repair Outlook Express Windows 98 dbx files and repair the Outlook Express database. If the Outlook Express inbox is corrupted, you can repair it without any special knowledge, the Outlook Express dbx repair procedure is easy and simple. The Outlook Express 6 inbox repair tool repairs Outlook Express dbx and dbt files. The Outlook Express dbx file recovery software has an easy-to-use wizard that will help you learn the Outlook Express repair procedure. The Outlook Express file recovery tool repairs corrupted Outlook Express folders (Outlook Express repair dbx files). Recover damaged Outlook Express files where different identities are stored.

OE-Mail Recovery isn’t a Microsoft Outlook 2003 repairing tool. You should use Outlook Recovery Toolbox to repair Outlook 2003.

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