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Choosing a Host for Your Site

Choosing a Host for Your SiteIf you plan to sell a product and/or services online, choosing a host for your site safe is an extremely important decision, what factor should you consider?, cost, capacity and bandwith, of course but those number don’t tell the whole story.

When one of my friend notice that his web site was going for two or three evenings a week, I discovered that the server hosting was stored in the closet of a local IT services firm, if glitch developed during the evening or on the week and, no one could resolve it until the next business day.

To avoid such problem, look for a web hosting service that offer 24/7 monitoring by on-site technicians in major data center, up time usually defined as the percentage of time during a given period that site is accessible on the internet is crucial. A good hosting and Top Web Hosting service should deliver an up time of 99.8 percent or better that less than 90 minutes of down time (including a network outages and scheduled maintenance) per month.

Top Web Hosting should be willing to provide recent uptime statistic, also you should independently monitor your web site’s uptime, if you sell more than a couple or product and service, you will want a site with a database like MySQL, where you can store the details, your host should support a programming language (such as PHP) to run shopping cart software.

An administrative control panel will help you track site visitor and manage your domains email account too, many control panels also help you obtain and install open source web app, a forum or chat room, but I prefer to get app from their source web site, that way I know I’m working with most recent version the app and I have access to all available support resource.

SSL and IP address to reassure customer about the safety of their data, consider obtaining a secure socket layer (SSL) certificate to support data encryption and to authenticate your business identify, you may purchase an SSL certificate from your host or from VeriSign. One caveat, you can get an SSL certificate only for a site that has dedicate ip address and most customer IPSs assign addresses dynamically that one reason not to run web based business from your home.

Expect to pay a bit extra for fix IP address, if you need a large site, virtual private servers (VPSs) dedicate a range of memory, storage capacity and data transmission for it, typically a VPS server contains far fewer sites than a shared host, if your site keeps growing, you may want to host it on a dedicated server, either managed (your host handles software installations and updates, monitor performance and the like) or unmanaged (you handle those service and probably pay a bit less).

Beware of services that charge unusually low fees, they may be hosting too many sites or skimping on support, monthly fee for a good shared hosting service should start at about $10, managed dedicated server start at several hundred dollars and a VPS account should cost somewhere in between.

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