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BlackBerry Bold Enticing, But

BlackBerry Bold Enticing, ButThe Blackberry Bold 9000 motion’s formidable contender in the 3G market offer sleek design, a sharp display and high speed connectivity, but fails to impress in other areas particularly its call quality and the camera’s images quality.

It has roughly the same dimensions as its predecessor, the blackberry curve 8300 and the same curved corners and glossy face, at 4.8 ounces, the bold outweighs the curve’s 4 ounces, the bold lack the Iphone’s touch screen (the forthcoming blackberry storm will have that), but offers a terrific keyboard and the business email and infrastructures friendly characteristic that blackberry are known for.

The bold has superior battery life too, it battery gave 7 hours, 56 minutes for talk time, longer than other 3G phones, but bold call quality disappointed, while call to land line phones sounded clear, call to other cell phones (on various carriers) suffered from background hiss, voices had ample volume, but also sounded somewhat tinny.
The Bold’s QWERTY keyboard did impress, its sculpted keys minimize finger slip page and thin metal dividers akin to guitar frets separate the keys, which enhances their usability.

The blackberry operation goes makeover, as well the interface look cleaner and more attractive, the home screen has a customizable view for application shortcuts, called the ribbon, a menu key takes you to the main application screen and it’s spruced up new app icons, roll over an icon with the trackball and a label pops up, identifying that icon’s function.

The phone supports 3G tri-band HSDPA and quad EDGE data connectivity, web pages loaded quickly, Wi-Fi performance impressed, images and video looked spectacular on Bold’s 480 by 320 pixel VGA display, the bold music app is fairly plain, but the phone comes with standard 3.5mm headphone jack, the 2.0 megapixel camera has flash and 5X digital zoom, but the flash was blindingly bright, causing indoor pictures to appear grainy and overexposed, The bold comes preloaded with mobi4bz, which is a subscription based on demand video service and a few games.

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