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Antisocial Social NetworkingA message from one of your friend appear in your inbox, sent via a social network site that you use regularly, the message promise a big laugh and points to a web site you’ve never heard of, you click the link and the next thing you know, your PC or laptop misdirected to a phishing page that steal your log-in details or drive by download site that infect your system with a password stealing Trojan horse, and your friend says that she never sent you the message.

Whether the culprit is a fake linkedIn profile page that serves up URLs leading to dangerous web site or bogus twitter message that purportedly comes from a friend, social networks are rapidly becoming the newest medium for malware attacks, as operating system and applications become harder to hack directly, online criminal comes to realize that is was much easier to fool people into clicking bad links, opening dangerous file and running malicious software, they also figured out that the most effective place to exploit the trust that naturally exist between friend and colleagues was within the mechanisms of the online social networks themselves, by now most internet users are savvy enough to recognize spam email, but what about a spam tweet that seems to come from someone in your circle of friends and links to a page that looks almost exactly like the one you use to log in to twitter.

A week may go by and suddenly the data thieves who now control your account begin sending messages with URLs, some of which perform drive by downloads and infect the recipients PCs with malware to everyone your social network, Facebook and MySpace user already had to deal with number of worms and other nastiest that are designed to spread independently of any action taken by the account holder, you can expect many more of these automated attacks to occur in the future.

If you think that details of your social networking account may have been stolen or compromised in some other way, report your suspicions to the site’s support team immediately, change your password frequently and avoid clicking message links that purport to transfer you back to the social network site, instead to get back to your account, type the site’s address directly into your browser (of follow a bookmark that you save previously).

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