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Manage your Internet Domain

Buying a doman name may be easy, but managing the doman and making smart technology decisions is another story, some basics setting up a new domain Is the purview of a domain registrar, firm like, Network solutions, and, the registrar take care of the paperwork details and bills you once a year for doing, each registrar handles the Domain Name System (DNS) records that identify your web, email and other servers. You can use your registrar’s hosting services for both web and email services if you wish, though convenient, what happen if you became dissatisfied with your registrar’s service and want to switch providers relocating your site is easier if your registrar isn’t also your host.

For web hosting, you have three basic options, using a web based public site provider (free or nearly so) ; using a virtual private server as your host, running Windows or Linux web server software or using a managed services provider, cost isn’t the only factor, the tree public providers, such as,, and, make site easy to set up and maintain but offer little flexibility with page templates and designs, however they simplify the task of updating your web site and drawing traffic to it and you won’t require the services of a graphic designer to build a fairly attractive site.

Another option, use as your main web site, this requires asking your registrar to forward your domain to your site, or having WordPress do domain mapping for your WordPress takes control over the domain and redirects traffic accordingly, forwarding your domain from your registrar is free, but domain mapping is perhaps more professional, WordPress charges about 10 a years for the letter services.

WordPress has thousands of plugging’s designed to extend the services functionally, to deploy them; however, you need to run WordPress’s software on your own virtual server a separate web hosting provider, the downside to self-hosted Worpdress sites is that their support for streaming video is less capable than is the support at site that hosts. Your next decision is selecting a virtual private or manage server for your site, many companies offer server space, lets you easily compare plans prices, factors to consider (beside cost) include how much storage you can buy for your plan, whether you have to pay extra for the email and applications such as data bases, and whether telephone support is included and during what hours.

Whichever providers you choose, you’ll end up using its web based control panel to manage the server and any related program running on it, next you must decide where to host the email program for your domain, you can use your registrar to host your email, but if your switch registrar later, you’ll run into the same complications as with web hosting, another alternative is to use the same provider that runs your web site, or you can use Google for your email domain, as I do, Google’s email hosting uses the same webmail interface Gmail, if you prefer, you can set it up to work with your outlook or other desktop email software. Google has to different plans, a free one (Google Apps standard edition) good for up to 50 users, with 7GB of storage for each and a high end version (Google Apps premier edition) that cost $50 per user per year and sets aside up to 25 GB of storage per user.

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