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Safe on-line Shopping

Thieves can tap into millions of financial records belonging to companies that charge or process credit cards, the good news is, you can make your recorded credit card number worthless to any thief, virtual credit card number which you can get from some banks, paypal, and new online service allow to additional fraud protections. Banks typically offer fraud liability protection go guard against stolen or misused card numbers, but the hassle of proving your innocence and dealing with the aftermath might be just as painful as losing your money.

Virtual credit card numbers keep you from having to deal with either scenario, merchant process a virtual number just as they would a standard card number and you can use a virtual number for online for online or phone purchases that don’t require showing your card, however, if you’re buying will call tickets or anything else that requires you to present the card used to make the purchase, you shouldn’t use a virtual number.

Virtual credit card number may be your credit card number has real value on the internet black market and data breaches in which criminals steal such number are on the rise, a crook who steal a virtual credit number, however, get only a meaningless string, if you have a credit card not debit card from bank or if you use PayPal, you already have free access to the feature a new online service called shop shield also provides various levels of protection.

All of those offering add an extra step to any purchase, since you must first create a number through a banking site, desktop software or a browser plug-in, that extra step in worth it, though as every virtual number is tied to the first merchant that uses it so any subsequent charges to the same virtual number are denied, other options may allow you to set a spending limit or an expiration date.

PayPal uses can grab a browser plug-in for internet explorer or firefox only for windows by logging in, choosing product & services and then clicking paypal plug-in under “more products and services”, the plug-in adds an icon to the upper-right corner of the browser with drop-down menu options to create a secure card virtual number and perform other paypal task.

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