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How to Cheat at Securing Your Network

Most System Administrators are not security specialists. Keeping the network secure is one of many responsibilities, and it is usually not a priority until disaster strikes. How to Cheat at Securing Your Network is the perfect book for this audience. The book takes the huge amount of information available on network security and distils it into concise recommendations and instructions, using real-world, step-by-step instruction.

The latest addition to the bestselling “How to Cheat…” series of IT handbooks, this book clearly identifies the primary vulnerabilities of most computer networks, including user access, remote access, messaging, wireless hacking, media, email threats, storage devices, and web applications. Solutions are provided for each type of threat, with emphasis on intrusion detection, prevention, and disaster recovery.

General Security Concepts: Access Control, Authentication, and Auditing
See how AAA is made up of three distinct but interdependent parts: access control, authentication, and auditing.

General Security Concepts: Attacks
Learn about active attacks: network-based, application-based, and mixed threat, as well as passive attacks, password attacks, and code attacks.

Communication Security: Remote Access and Messaging
Technologies such as RAS servers, NAS, VPN, authentication servers like RADIUS, TACACS, and TACACS+, and others were designed to address the RAS problems.

Communication Security: Wireless
Understand WAP and IEEE 802/11 WLAN wireless security methods.

Communication Security: Web Based Services
Make sure that they are as safe as possible and know the issues regarding Web services.

Infrastructure Security: Devices and Media
See how wireless, modems, RAS, PBXs, and VPNs allow remote access to a computer or network.

Topologies and IDS
Track, evaluate, and install the appropriate OS patches, updates, service packs, and hotfixes in your system environment.

Infrastructure Security: System Hardening
See how confidentiality, integrity, and authentication will help you.

Basics of Cryptography
Lean how CAs maintain and issue digital certificates, RAs handle the verification process, and more.

By Ido Dubrawsky
Syngress Publishing, Inc. | English | 433 pages | PDF | 9.875 KB | Download | Password : securing

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