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Secrets of Swiss Banking

By Hoyt Barber
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. | English | 291 pages | PDF | 1.166 KB | Download | Password: swiss

Switzerland. The word itself conjures up a multitude of images, nearly all quite positive and most virtually in the realm of the magical, mythical, and too good to be true. And, really, is there any other single place on this increasingly sordid planet whose reality is so close to fantasy, and maybe even perfect? Switzerland is a breath-taking wonderland of majestic Alps vaulting to the sky, charming villages nestled down deep in the valleys, pristine lakes of profound clarity, and cities of such cleanliness, beauty, and order that it seems like some deity designed and built them. And then, well, there’s all that money! And what about all the fantastic things that such money can buy resting beautifully behind rows and rows of elegant shop windows just amazing.

And banks! How can there be so many banks? And is it true that these banks, located in this beautiful fairy tale of a country, actually contain and control almost 40 per cent of the world ’ s private wealth? Yes? Wow. Well, how come? Switzerland and the subject of Swiss banking have evolved over the past few decades, but the fabled ability of the Swiss banks to attract such incredible sums of money from all over the world has only increased Over time, strengthening this little country’s position in the world.

Why? Although Switzerland does sometimes seem almost perfect, and in many ways, it really is, this small nation, like most other countries, is a part of the real world, and like them, it is faced with its own set of challenges. But the fact remains that Switzerland has groomed itself to grow stronger and to remain independent in the face of global geopolitics, including pressures from the international bodies like European Union (EU) to join them and the negative efforts of the Organization for Economic Co – Operative Development (OECD), which tries to coerce Switzerland’s compliance and future to suit its specific c agenda.

You will discover here all you need to know to capitalize on Swiss banking, the heart of the Swiss Financial community regardless of where you live. Switzerland is the premier money manager with, as mentioned before, as much as 40 per cent of the world ’ s private assets managed from this quaint alpine oasis.

But this book is more than just about banking. It’s about your financial security. This book reveals the ultimate investment plan; it is the best asset protection structure in the world, and the fi nest way to quietly build your fortune, starting right now, at your own pace, and even during bad times.

You can build your nest egg safely, quietly, and out of the reach of your own government, partners, creditors, nasty bosses, vindictive spouses, and maybe worse. Your estate, your banking, and your investments the core of your new financial being can be shielded by innovative Swiss structures and other strategies that will insure that you and your family do not come up losers in the current global power game. What’s at stake? YOU! No time to lollygag, let’s take a look.

You have chosen to read this book; clearly that puts you among those who are aware that daily we are sensing crisis in our lives possibly even impending doom. It means you have taken the hardest, first step to making things right for yourself and your family: awareness. But those feelings of doom and gloom can be harnessed, like parade horses, to march to your advantage. Your survival instincts tell you something bad could be on the horizon. Good! Keep your eye on that ball, take charge of your own destiny, and realize that no matter what they say or we might hear, the powers that be most likely really don ’ t care about what happens to you . But that’s okay, because it’s within your power to care and to act to do something about it. A good place to begin is to take a close look at yourself to take inventory, make a few hard decisions for the good of yourself, your family, and your future, because no one else will worry about your situation, now or any time soon.

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