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Strategies for selling your old tech equipment

It’s not your fault that manufacturers continually create faster processor, slicker smartphones, and bigger TVs, for instance, in all probability you didn’t write letters to companies, demanding that they invent a high definition camcorder that would fit your pocket, but at this point, the inescapable facts are that someone made em and now you want em.

Unfortunately the piles of old gadgets accumulating in your desk drawer and closet are beginning to make you fell just little bit guilty and of course you can’t always afford to lay down more cash to gratify your need for the newest, shiniest stuff.
Before you start listing your unwanted stuff on eBay, sort out which items are worth the investment of time required to sell them, laptops are prime candidate for resale though the price they fetch will depend heavily on their age and on how much they cost when brand-new. Higher-end business or professional laptops can be compelling buys, even if they’re two or three years old especially if they have a current operating system and decent specs.

On the other hand, older netbook and low-cost all-purpose laptops are likely to have a tough time competing against the low-end line-up of new models. Desktop PCs are similar to laptop In their selling profile model that were midrange to high-end three years ago can sell for a price roughly equivalent to a current low-and to average model, but budget desktop PCs are harder to resell.

Where you sell used tech items can be as important as how much they’re worth, though eBay and craigslist remain the obvious go-to sites, you have a few other online options to consider before you start creating that auction listing. The smoothest tech transaction through Facebook, selling on eBay and craigslist takes longer that you might expect and the hassle of managing and shipping multiple eBay auctions or of setting up times and places for a series of craigslist customer meetups, often isn’t worth it, this especially true for older items that may not sell right away, to reduce the time and effort you spend on each sale, consider using one of a handful of websites cropping up that serve as brokers for sale of used tech.

site such as buymytronics.com and gazeller.com will let you get instant price quotes on most of your used stuff, just go to the site, select your devices from the menu, and fill out a few additional details such as each item’s condition and any included equipment (manual, cables, and so on), and you’ll get an estimate for each one.

If you decide to okay the sale, the company will send you a shipping container to send the device to its office. Depending on the company’s assessment, you’ll get a check for the estimated amount or for less, if the service decides that it doesn’t want to buy the item, it will offer to recycle it for free.

Of course, what buymytronics and gazelle offer in convenience, they take back in price, for expensive item like PCs, use the bigger selling site, the massive price difference may justify the extra trouble, for gadget that you just want to get rid of, and site like Gazelle can help you clear out your tech drawer with minimal fuss.

Once you’ve figured out what you can sell and how you want to sell it, the next decision you need to make is when to pull the trigger, this is particularly important for PCs, selling before big announcement of the next generation gear could translate into a difference of as much as 10 to 20 per cent of the selling price, in the space of a day or two, if you know from the outset that you’ll want to resell a piece of tech gear, buy an extended warranty on it, such warranties are great for driving up the resale piece of a used PC, after all, a PC with a manufacturer’s warranty on it is worth more than that same PC without.

Buyers are also more likely to want a used PC with a manufacturer’s warranty because buying a used PC online is like buying a used car online, you don’t even get a test drive, much less a check-up with a mechanic. If you purchase a lemon and the seller vanishes, you might still be able to get useable PC out it.

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