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Four Reasons to Consider Jukebox Hire

Whether you are planning a unique wedding or a relaxing get together on your back deck, you may want some musical entertainment. Most people consider things like DJs, a live band, or even their own home stereo system. For something different, you might want to think about a jukebox hire.

Hiring a Jukebox

When you rent a jukebox, you are provided with a system that will play various songs at the request of guests. Our systems also play random music when no song is selected, ensuring you have a continuous stream of background or dance music for your event. You can also opt for a jukebox with karaoke options to add to make your event even more memorable.

Reasons to Rent a Jukebox

When you opt for our digital jukebox hire, you get a machine with over 9,500 song selections. This means that there will be music that is right for any mood, occasion or guest. From wedding dances to goofy sing-alongs, the jukebox has you covered with the click of a button.

You don’t need a huge area to accomodate many items within our selection. Choosing a band or DJ for your event may require as much as 20 square feet of space, whereas our slimline jukebox will provide all the tunes you need within a minimal amount of floorspace.

The digital jukebox systems are portable, breaking down into smaller components that are easy to move and transport. Renting the piece for multiple events within the same time frame is easy because you can bring the music with you. For example, you might rent the jukebox for a wedding week and incorporate it into the bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and reception.

A jukebox is an affordable way to provide music for any event. Because you are not paying middle men, musicians, or technical sound people, you can take advantage of deep savings on party entertainment. The jukeboxes are easy to operate, so anyone can set them up, turn them on, and select songs.

People will remember you event when you offer something unique for their entertainment. When they can pick favorite songs and classic tunes, sing along with karaoke, or have fun dancing all night, the party will be a huge hit.

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