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Develop your Green Thumb with the Hydroponics Group

I knew that I potentially have the talent to take care of plants at an early age of 10.  This was the time when my mother introduced me to gardening. My mother has a green thumb and so do I. From then on I had this fascination of planting and growing all sorts of flowers in our humble backyard. The only problem was that my father wanted to me to relocate my flowers because he needs to use the backyard for his new business venture. I did not know what to do back then I wanted the flowers to be just within the premises of our house.  My father did propose a place at the corner of our street but that was just too far. And so he introduced to me one day a not-so new way of gardening called the hydroponics group. It is known for its soil less gardening; I do not really have to worry about frequently cultivating the soil to allow water and air seepage deep down in the soil. (Get to know this better, click here). It was a space saver too because I can put all of my flowers inside our attic. What I have noticed when I first started this method is that my flowers grew and bloomed 10 times faster compared to the traditional method. I was very happy of how they turned out. As a matter of fact, I’m thinking about putting my very own flower shop business in the near future.

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