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Types Of Motorcycle Bags

There are some types of motorcycle bags:

Side-mount bags. These are usually hard bags or leather saddlebags that are designed to be mounted on the side of the motorcycle so that it will not interfere with the passenger riding on the rear of the motorcycle. So if you have an extra passenger riding with you, side mount motorcycle bagsare perfect for your trip.

Top-mount bags. If you are driving alone in your motorcycle, top-mount saddlebags or leather motorcycle bags is ideal for you. Top-mount bags normally occupies the space for the rear passenger, so that you can have your bag more secured and in place especially if you are carrying with you other electronic devices such as laptops or computer tablets.

Backpacks. If you are going on a shorter motorcycle journey, you may want to carry with you a backpack specially designed for motorcycle rides. This type of motorcycle bags can be worn by a sole rider if he would not carry too much stuff with him. However, backpacks must be properly packed and fitted so that it will not shift or become loose during the ride which may give the rider additional discomfort.

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