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Home on the webIf your are hoping to make money with your blog, having your own web address is a must, blogging on your own domain, however takes a little bit more setup, you typically do it one of two ways, by publishing to your own server via ftp or by domain mapping.

Google’s blogger and desktop blogging program such as iweb and rapidweaver support publishing to your domain via ftp, just make sure you have enough server space to do this, wordpress, typepad and tumblr, on the other hand, all use domain mapping (blogger offer this as an option too), this mean your custom URL pointed toward or mapped to your blog, in other words.

when people type in your domain, they end up at your hosted blog, in most cases, you can do this with the registrar your purchased your domain from, each service and registrar does things a bit differently but no matter which one you use, it’s often a good idea to set up a sub domain or folder to publish your blog to, such has blog or (rather than your top-level domain,

This allows you to publish material other than your b log on the same domain, so how do you create an interesting a blog and get the word out? Some of this best blogging tips.

Find inspiration around you
Feeling blocked, taking thing that you’ve sent in an email and re purposing them for post or using feedback from your community as fodder for new content typing current events to the topic of your b log works well and don’t be afraid to link to another blog, a web site or a video as an excuse to update your site.

Promote, promote
Tell friend and family about your blog and add link to it in your email signature, find a few blogs that are related to your and send email to their author, they might end up linking back to your site.

Don’t force update
Update as often as you have something to say, if your force it, your reader will be able to tell and you won’t be doing anyone any favors, for a business blog, recommended updating several times a week, though some excellent business blog only update a few times a month

Deal with problem commenter
In cyberspace, accountability is key, commenter will be less likely to cause problem if you require that they supply an email address or use an authentication service and if inappropriate comments do pop up, fell free to delete or edit them.


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