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Launch a professional online shop

Launch a professional online shopInternet shops are the fastest growing are of retails right now, and there’s never a better time to dip your toes in the water of e-commerce, this can seem an intimidating prospect, especially if you know nothing about web design, scripting, shopping cart, or any of other essential elements of online stores. But that doesn’t have to be a problem; ashopcommerce will walk you through just about every step involved in creating and managing your shop, click here for a free trial.

The program comes with range of attractive site templates that ensure your site will look every bit as professional as the commercial competition; template also includes default sections where you can enter your privacy policy, term of trade, contact detail and more handy if you’re a beginner and might otherwise not realize that you need a privacy policy at all.

You’ll want to enter a product detail at same point and that’s easy to, one dialogue lets you enter a variety of short or detailed descriptions as well as entering thumbnail and full-sized images, everything you need to attract the attention of potential customer. There are lots of business issue to consider too, shipping, taxes, currencies, payment method and more.

A preview button lets you view the site at any time, in your default browser, if everything’s right, you can publish the page to your own site or pay use the author’s own hosting service and your shop could be online within minutes.

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