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Pursue a X-Ray Technician Career

Pursue a X-Ray Technician CareerIf you are interested in a medical technician career with a good salary and opportunity for advancement, consider some of the following medical X-Ray Technician career. A variety of exciting career opportunities await trained medical technicians, specialists in the medical technician field include xray technicians, ultrasound technicians, radiographers, and more. A Basic X-Ray Technician program prepares students for careers in hospitals and clinics performing radiology exams using X-Ray and diagnostic imaging equipment. Radiology technicians work with patients during ultrasounds, mammograms and other radiographer procedures. X-ray technicians ensure the safety and comfort of their patients while operating imaging equipment in accordance with good practices in the radiology field.

X-Ray Technician performs x-rays and place nonradioactive matter into patients’ veins in order to diagnose problems. These technicians must be able to obey a doctor’s instructions carefully and comply with regulations that deal with the protection from unnecessary radiation. Other responsibilities of x ray technician are:

  • Prepping patients (removing jewelry, etc)
  • Maintain patient records
  • Maintain equipment
  • Create work schedules
  • Manage imaging departments
  • Purchase equipment

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