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Wetpaint is Changing the Face of Wiki

Wetpaint is Changing the Face of WikiWetpaint The leading social publishing platform with a network of over 750,000 social sites, today unveiled a complete set of social networking features to supercharge creation of content on its award-winning service that now unifies the two things people love to do online socialize and share content with others.

Some work using social software in teaching environments and discusses the question of whether such teaching should take place in public or non-public social software environments. Using (public) wikis enables collective authoring (which enables critical reading and responsible writing), raises issues of individual and collective ownership (challenging conventional Western epistemologies of individual intellectual property); and highlights content as ego-less, time-less, and never finished while enabling continuous development. Publishing online also empowers and history and discussion functions focus on writing as process.

A public wiki requires a larger userbase, possibly collaboration with other around the world, guidelines must be written and edited by contributors; page creation and editing may change depending on context; and wiki development should be seen as a component of a collaboration project, not as the whole of the project itself, there is now a hope to create a larger base of wiki around the world participating in these projects, and to create a growing repository of material written.

Wetpaint is Wikipedia defines it, a type of web site that allows users to easily add, remove or otherwise edit and change some available content, sometimes without the need for registration. What’s a Wetpaint, you may be asking? Well, Wetpaint is a website that enables any authorized user to add, edit or comment on content very easily. Wetpaint is, in fact, a wiki encyclopedia comprised of entries submitted, revised, and commented on by readers. Wetpaint are just pushing into the online communications forefront and wiki evolution.

If a group wants a linear discussion, a blog or online discussion board is the right tool, many groups need more than one tool. A nonprofit organizing a conference might use a wiki to maintain their FAQ in collaboration with their conference registrants, but also use a bulletin board for pre-conference discussion on key topics, and a blog to publish updates on speakers and scheduling.

Wetpaint social networking features that increase user connection and communication, Wetpaint sites provide the ideal environment for anyone to quickly and easily create a website that flourishes with interaction, discussion and collaboration, resulting in rich content that attracts new members and bigger audiences.

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