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Cross Platform Network

Cross Platform NetworkYour working in company grows whose need to establish a network to connect the staffer to one another and the internet, at this point, your staffer uses a collection of Macs, Linux and Windows, with graphics specialist favoring OS X, the software developers relying on the tools that come with Linux and everybody else preferring Windows, fortunately three operating system can communicate and coexist on single network, by using suitable off the self equipment and the various operating systems built-in tools, you can connect your heterogeneous hardware to universe in short order.

Hooking Up Printer
Printer that connect directly to the network via Ethernet constitute one of the most brilliant innovations ever, simply plug a printer in and turn it on and soon you have a device that’s available to every computer on the network, to find and install a network printer in windows, go to control panel, open printer and faxes, just plain printers in vista, click add a printer and use the network printer option in the resulting dialog box to browser for the printer on the network, in XP, network printers may not show up if your computer’s workgroup name differ from the one to which the printer belongs, to locate the printer, join its workgroup.

In OS X 10.5 open system preferences, choose print and fax, click the lock icon to allow changes and then click the plugs sign to add a printer, if your desired printer doesn’t appear in the default list you might it listed under the windows category, which allows you to select printers shared on any local windows workgroup, choose the printer you want and click add.

To install a printer in the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution, choose system – administration – printing, click new printer, select the printer in the resulting list and then click forward to select the correct driver and install the printer.

Share Your Files
Like printers, storage can be much more useful when it’s networked, in the past, sharing files meant dedicating an entire computer job, NAS (Network attached storage) device often no larger than an external hard drive provide always available disk space to anyone on the network via the lingua franca of file sharing, the SMB (server message block) protocol.

To connect to an SMB share within windows, whether on a NAS device or on another computer sharing it through SMB, open my network places and browse the shares available on the current workgroup. As it does with printer, windows XP will display only the shares available on the workgroup you are a member of, to view files shared on the local network via SMB in OS X, browser through them in the finder, you can locate available server listed under shared in the windows left pane or simply choose Go – Network in the menu, if you’re using Ubuntu, choose places – network, as with shared printers, not all storage has to be attached directly to the network.

Windows XP or vista, OS X and Linux all allow you share files stored on your computer with other users on the network as well as to browse file shares on other system, to share files in windows, first enable file and printer sharing as detailed above, in XP browse to the folder you want to share, right click it, choose sharing and security and then check share this folder on the network, if you want other user to be able edit, delete and create new files in the folder, check allow network users to change my files, click OK to finish.

By default, windows vista requires user to provide a login name and a password before they can gain access to its file shares, if you’d like to share files with anyone on the network without having to create a user account and a password for each person, set password protected sharing to off in the network and sharing center before you attempt to share files of folder.

To share a file or folder in vista right click the item, chose share, select everyone (all user in this list) from the list of users and groups available to share with, click add and then click ok, to share files in OS X, open system preferences, click sharing and click options, then select the shared home folder (if any) that you want to shared by default), check share files and folder using SMB, enter the account password for any checked home folder when prompted, and click Done, to share folder with everyone on the network in Ubuntu Linux select folder in file browser choose File – properties select the share tab, check share this folder and guest access and click create share.

After following all of the above steps, you should have your company network up and running and the staffer can focus on the advancing business to the next level.

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