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Networking and Wi-Fi

TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview

The TCP/IP protocol suite has become a staple of today’s international society and global economy. Continually evolving standards provide a wide and flexible foundation on which an entire infrastructure of applications are built. Through these we can seek entertainment, conduct business, make financial transactions, deliver services, and much, much more. However, because TCP/IP continues to …

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How to Cheat at Securing Your Network

Most System Administrators are not security specialists. Keeping the network secure is one of many responsibilities, and it is usually not a priority until disaster strikes. How to Cheat at Securing Your Network is the perfect book for this audience. The book takes the huge amount of information available on network security and distils it into concise recommendations and instructions, using real-world, step-by-step instruction. The latest addition to the bestselling “How to Cheat…” series of IT handbooks, this book clearly identifies the primary vulnerabilities of most computer networks, including user access, remote access, messaging, wireless hacking, media, email threats, storage devices, and web applications. Solutions are provided for each type of threat, with emphasis on intrusion detection, prevention, and disaster recovery. General Security Concepts: Access Control, Authentication, and Auditing See how AAA is made up of three distinct but interdependent parts: access control, authentication, and auditing. General Security Concepts: Attacks …

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Tips for hot spot security

Comfortable? Enjoying your coffee at the corner café while watching the world go by? And so you should, it’s a lovely day outside. You’ve even got your notebook on the table, finishing some work; life is good.  But what about the guy up the back? Think he’s also enjoying a large decaf while working out of the office? No, he’s actually enjoying himself looking at the websites you’re visiting and busily searching your notebook and taking everything he’s interested in. Public place vs. private property it may sound far-fetched, but this happens every day to people using unprotected public Wi-Fi networks. While the wireless network at your home or business is (hopefully always) protected by decent levels of encryption using WPA or WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) certified programs, many public Wi-Fi hot spots do not provide such basic security. But why is encryption so important? And is it difficult to organize? Keep it to …

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Spiceworks a free Network Monitor

A business doesn’t have to be large to benefit from asset management, but many of the available option are priced out of the reach of small businesses, Spicework is a free to low cost web based offering suite to business, Spiceworks is a free to low cost web based offering suite to businesses running one or two server and handful of network devices, this powerful online app creates an inventory of your network hardware and software then helps your manage it.

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Expand Your Network with an Ethernet Switch

Most small office network start with a PC, router and ADSL modem, but when small single user network grows into a larger multiuser network, your Wi-Fi router can run out of free Ethernet ports to connect various PC’s, networkable printers, small business server and other essential hardware. An Ethernet switch is a simple box that sits between your router and your networked device to control traffic flow across your network, the device come in two basic types, unmanaged and managed, with the former, you merely plug in your device and get back to work, but manage switches provide advanced features that prioritize data, link port for improved performance and enforce security policies on your network. An appealing middle ground for small business is a manageable switch like Linksys SLM2008, which offers some of the robust trunk and data prioritization of a managed switch in a compact package with a web …

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A guide to wireless guest access

Wireless guest access for smaller organizations People today expect Internet and e-mail access everywhere they go. Even if your business is quite small, it’s likely that your customers, vendors or partners could benefit from network access while they are your guests. Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) assume that providing guest network access is complicated and costly and best left to the large enterprises. The benefits of guest access Regardless of the size or profile of your organization, interaction with people outside your business is crucial. So how do we define guest. Well, they can include customers, temporary workers and contractors, trainees, colleagues from a partner business, visiting consultants or faculty, members of joint development teams, conference or seminar participants, representatives of manufacturers or distributors, and vendors or suppliers who want to manage inventory or re-order parts while on-site.

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