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Facebook VS Reality

I began wonder, what if life isn’t as good facebook , so in the spirit of review, i decide to do a head to head comparison of two.

Getting dressed in the morning
Real life, Unless you’re nudist, clothing is mandatory.
Facebook, Clothing optional, even the concept of morning loses its imperative when friends happen to be scattered across the globe.

Real Life, Strongly recommended.
Facebook, Optional, except when you take your profile pictures, then again you could use any image and some friend will post a picture of you when you were younger, thinner and better looking, albeit with underwear on your head and you can use that.

Physical contact
Real life, Unavoidable and potentially painful, think bone-crushing handshakes, hearty back slaps, and bear hugs or even dangerous.
Facebook, Keyboard pounders may break the occasional nail, but that’s it

Making Friends
Real Life, Tricky and time-consuming.
Facebook, Just click a button, particularly if you cherish superficiality and raw numbers.

Real Life, Sometimes rewarding, other times arduous and tedious.
Facebook, Work?, On facebook every day is holiday, who can argue with that.

Eating and Drinking
Real Life, Delicious, though prep takes effort and dining out is expensive.
Facebook, your wine collection, as recorded in bottle notes, may impress your online friends, but it will merely leave your parched, worse, posting status updates about food just makes me hungry, on the other hand, apps like local picks offer advice on where to go for great non-virtual eats.

Real Life, Fraught with complications, obligations and crises, though it also tend to provide meaning, texture and essential emotional connections.
Facebook, Related app is nice, but family and facebook shouldn’t mix, your friend requests mortify your kids, while you awkwardly juggle unrelated spheres of your life.

Real Life, Sheer bliss especially at the end of a hard day.
Facebook, At best ignores and at works prohibits adequate attention to this essential physical need.

Making Conversation
Real Life, Requires engagement, though and the occasional witty or at least coherent comment.
Facebook, U there, Yo, Wassup, LOL, G2G, no need to strain the brain.

Listening to Music
Real Life, Live music often involves sweat and too much alcohol, though it may also have drawbacks, grooving to your iPod is hard to beat.
Facebook, Not a strong suit, though iLike lets you play rhapsody tunes.

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