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Facebook VS Reality

I began wonder, what if life isn’t as good facebook , so in the spirit of review, i decide to do a head to head comparison of two. Getting dressed in the morning Real life, Unless you’re nudist, clothing is mandatory. Facebook, Clothing optional, even the concept of morning loses its imperative when friends happen …

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Facebook, is your identity at risk

The total number of users on the social networking site Facebook has now soared above the 200 million mark. Just to put that into perspective: if Facebook were a country, it would be the fifth largest on Earth, after China, India, the U.S. and Indonesia. According to a recent report by ComScore, European users of social network Facebook have grown by 314% over the past year to nearly 100 million users. Many of the aspects that make Facebook and other social networking sites so popular also make them a prime hunting ground for identity thieves, online scam artists and criminals. However, there are a few measures you can and should take to protect yourself. Beware of divulging personal information on your user profile Many users don’t think twice about entering a wealth of personal information into their user profiles, everything from their address to their date of birth and home …

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Antisocial Social Networking

A message from one of your friend appear in your inbox, sent via a social network site that you use regularly, the message promise a big laugh and points to a web site you’ve never heard of, you click the link and the next thing you know, your PC or laptop misdirected to a phishing page that steal your log-in details or drive by download site that infect your system with a password stealing Trojan horse, and your friend says that she never sent you the message. Whether the culprit is a fake linkedIn profile page that serves up URLs leading to dangerous web site or bogus twitter message that purportedly comes from a friend, social networks are rapidly becoming the newest medium for malware attacks, as operating system and applications become harder to hack directly, online criminal comes to realize that is was much easier to fool people into …

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How Internet Changes Everything

The magical connection called internet change my life forever, the technology and the medium became a tool that dramatically lowered the cost of doing business, but also helped formerly isolated and fragmented audiences for news, social causes and product aggregate into substantial new forces. The web has deeply woven itself into the world economy that in March 2008, a survey of business leader around the world by the international chamber of commerce found that an internet outage of a single day worldwide would result in major losses and costly damage which would have huge and lasting effects. The internet has not only arrived, but it has touched and changes everything. Everything it touches In order to understand how the internet profoundly influences the economy of any segment, consider the music industry and how digital communications is now a part of every aspect of the value chain. At the front end …

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Can you trust your social network

I’m sure some of you already been familiar with MySpace.com, hi5.com, bebo.com, facebook.com, bolt.com, friendster.com and so on. But as time passes by you require features and security that doesn’t come up with the above mentioned sites. I’ve been to all of the above mentioned sites, well they are not able to meet my requirements. Looking for flexibility, security, storage, blogging, streaming, customization and distribution options. Then i went to multiply. Day by day i study it. They have some unique feature that really impressed me on far extent while others can’t even go near to it. Multiply is social network with a great combination of security and distribution measures. Multiply has an Ajax/web 2.0 based interface which is another unique thing you can’t just forget off.

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