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Still need Fixing in Windows 7

Flawless windows 7, of course not, think of these still need fixing areas as constituting a working to do.

Overall consistency
For a Microsoft product, Windows 7 is quite refined, but it still suffer from needless inconsistency, why most of its tools place menus on the left, while internet explorer and the help system shove them over to the opposite end, does the new media sharing feature have zero, one or two capital letters, why does office 2007’s ribbon interface show up only in paint and WordPad.

The name of things
Too often, Microsoft naming decisions confuse rather than clarify, “User Account Control” has nothing to do with the feature it supposedly describe, “Action Center” sounds like Ron Burgundy’s TV newscast, and an OS that already has a feature called Device Manager shouldn’t call a new feature “Devices and Printer”.

Windows Update
The operating system’s build-in patching capability is essential, but windows update is also the OS’s most irritating carryover feature, tell it to download and install everything without your further intervention as Microsoft recommends, and it may still insist on rebooting when you are in the middle of important work or deny you access to your computer altogether while it installs updates.

Windows 7 federated search lets you add external sources like flickr and Youtube to be windows explorer searches, but the OS doesn’t mention federate search in its help system.

Help needs help, some section target nerdy commends line aficionados, others address clueless newbies, and few sections focus on intelligent but busy users of intermediate experience.

Press windows tab and you get vista fancy 3D task switcher, which pointlessly require you to cycle through task one by one, this duplicates the functionality of Alt-Tab instead of enabling you to get to any task in a couple of clicks, as apple’ similar expose does.

Windows 7 backup and restore center no longer requires you to devote an external hard drive to all full system backup but is still isn’t as easy to use as apple’s times machine and Microsoft’s decision to put network backup only in windows 7 priciest edition is just silly.

Having multiple versions of windows is fine in theory, but in reality, their minor, subtle and arbitrary differences invite confusion, misleading names like Windows 7 home premiums the only Windows 7 home version available in the U.S.

Internet Explorer 8
Windows 7 bundles browser is perfectly adequate, but it’s playing catch-up with innovative competitor such as Firefox and Google’s chrome, not setting new standards.

Document Viewing
Like vista windows 7 lets you create application independent documents that use Microsoft’s PDF like XPS format to retain their original formatting, but PDF is pervasive and XPS hasn’t caught on, so wouldn’t it be infinitely more convenient it windows 7 supported PDF out of the box.

Source : pcworld

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