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Android for Work

By Marziah Karch Après| English | 309 pages | PDF | 10.841 KB | Download | Password: android Android is still innovating very rapidly, both from operating system (OS) upgrades and phone vendor modifications, and new Android-based phones are being released all the time. This book was written mainly using a Google Nexus One running …

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Still need Fixing in Windows 7

Flawless windows 7, of course not, think of these still need fixing areas as constituting a working to do. Overall consistency For a Microsoft product, Windows 7 is quite refined, but it still suffer from needless inconsistency, why most of its tools place menus on the left, while internet explorer and the help system shove them over to the opposite end, does the new media sharing feature have zero, one or two capital letters, why does office 2007’s ribbon interface show up only in paint and WordPad. The name of things Too often, Microsoft naming decisions confuse rather than clarify, “User Account Control” has nothing to do with the feature it supposedly describe, “Action Center” sounds like Ron Burgundy’s TV newscast, and an OS that already has a feature called Device Manager shouldn’t call a new feature “Devices and Printer”. Windows Update The operating system’s build-in patching capability is essential, …

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Security update Yahoo! Messenger for Vista users

Security update for our Yahoo! Messenger for Windows (8.1) users. Due to restrictions with the Windows Vista operating system, we were unable to push the update out to our Vista users on Yahoo! Messenger 8.1. We encourage all Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 users running Windows Vista to download and install this security patch, available at The updater page also includes information on how to check your version of Yahoo! Messenger. If you’re on Yahoo! Messenger version or higher, you don’t need to install this additional patch.

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