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Management your phone’s battery life

Important phone calls, and emails that need replies, there isn’t much time to stop and charge your phone when necessary. If you are aware of a few simple tricks, however, you can prolong the life of your battery so that it has enough juice to get you through your busy day.

Adjust the Settings
Minor tweaks to your phone’s settings can go a long way in preserving battery life. For example, simply turning down the backlight brightness or setting your screen to time out after a shorter period of time can extend your battery’s charge. Some phones make it easy to save a battery’s charge by including built-in power-saving settings. With these settings turned on, a few features in your phone automatically adjust to maximize power efficiency and keep your battery going longer.

Use Fewer & Slower Connections
Some wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth and GPS, can suck the life out of your battery, even when they aren’t actively in use. When you aren’t using these features, there is no need for them to be switched on and sapping precious battery power. Additionally, 3G connections (including HSPA or EVDO) sap a charge quicker than slower 2G technologies, such as EDGE. So when you’re worried about your battery making it through the day, use a slower connection. Also keep in mind that Wi-Fi is less power-intensive than your data connection, and VPN connections consume a lot of power.

Turn Off Notifications
If your phone is regularly buzzing and dinging with messages from email accounts, app alerts, instant messages, and weather updates, your battery is going to suffer for it. When you’re sitting in front of your computer or netbook and don’t need these constant updates, turn off the push and fetch features for your email accounts as well as the notifications for all your personal accounts that run in the background and automatically update.

Consider Your Place & the Time
Whenever your phone has to work hard to connect to its network, the constant churning to make this connection is going to deplete your battery more quickly. For example, wireless technologies have to fight other devices trying to connect in busy wireless environments (such as airports and convention canters) to make a connection. This is also a concern in places that get poor reception (such as the basement of a building or a rural area), because it takes a lot of power for your phone to search for a good signal or data connection. If you find yourself in any of these places, consider turning off your data connection until you need to use it or until you leave.

Keep Your Operating System Up-To-Date
Firmware upgrades for your phone are designed to fix glitches and make the software run more smoothly, which will help take some pressure off of the battery. Some upgrades even have elements specifically designed to prolong battery life. So, periodically check your manufacturer’s Web site to find information about upgrades and be sure to download the upgrades you receive over the air

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