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Management your phone’s battery life

Important phone calls, and emails that need replies, there isn’t much time to stop and charge your phone when necessary. If you are aware of a few simple tricks, however, you can prolong the life of your battery so that it has enough juice to get you through your busy day. Adjust the Settings Minor …

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Maximize your notebook battery

One of the downsides of owing a notebook PC is battery life, despite the claims of the marketing people, it always seems that you have to recharge more often than you expect, and not only that, but the actual lifespan of a battery before it needs replacing isn’t always up to scratch, like all rechargeable batteries, the one in a notebook has a finite number of recharges before its performance degrades and eventually it will stop holding a charge, although some unlucky people find their battery goes that great landfill in the sky within a year, somehow, it always seems to be just when the warranty has expired, generally the battery in a notebook, without any intervention, with the same extra care, though you can increase the longevity of the battery and at the same times stretch the time between recharges, giving you more time to do your work. In …

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Extend Your Laptop’s Life

Don’t give up on your old, slow notebook just yet. With a few of ricks, you may be able to drive it right up until the wheels fall off, In recent years, notebook prices have dropped considerably but they’re still expensive pieces of equipment. For most users, shopping for a new machine every year or two just isn’t an option. It makes sense to wring as much life as possible from your current notebook, to get the best possible return on your investment whether it’s $500 or $2,500. Fortunately, with judicious settings and a few accessories, you can significantly extend the life of your laptop. Keep It Cool The hotter your notebook runs, the more likely it is to suffer some kind of component failure. And if you routinely plop down on a bed or couch with a pillow as your table, you may be blocking the machine’s air vents …

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