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How to improve your security infrastructure when you’re on a budget

When you’re on a tight budget for cybersecurity, it can seem almost impossible to secure every part of your businesses’ network without going over budget with the latest technologies in place.

You may not be able to solve all your security needs immediately with a small budget, but the important thing is that you are working towards your security goals and taking steps to move the needle forward.

Start with examining your current security landscape. This is always a critical first step for any company with or without budget restrictions. Find out where the holes are, what needs work, what’s being protected and what isn’t. Once you do that, you’ll understand where your infrastructure stands, which you can then factor in regulatory requirements that might apply to your organization and the data that you are securing.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to fix everything right away. Determine what actions are an immediate priority and work your way down. Prioritize the top things that need to be focused based on the severity of risk to data, the organization and individuals. Determine what those top priorities are and work your way down.

Technology and the cybersecurity industry are constantly evolving at a rapid pace. It’s important to educate yourself and ensure that you’re installing the latest patches, plug-ins, etc. It also helps to know when certain malware or ransomware are released, and how you can further protect your organization from it. Don’t forget to consistently check your network, looking for potential gaps that need to be filled.

by : Matt Corney, CTO at Nuspire Networks

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