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Hackers Beware

By Eric Cole New Riders Publishingh | 817 pages | PDF | 5.017 KB | Download | Password: hacker No matter what field you work in, you cannot help but notice the impact that the Internet has had on society. It has opened up opportunities and markets that people only dreamed of before. As with any new technology, there is always a positive and negative aspect. The positive side is the tremendous business opportunities. The negative side is the huge security risk that is now posed to so many companies, yet few companies are truly aware of the potential danger. It’s like getting in a brand new car and driving down the road at 80mph, only to realize that the engineers did not equip the car with breaks. If this did occur and a large number of people bought the car, the net result would be a high number of …

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Digital Forensics for network, internet, and cloud computing

The modern computer environment has moved past the local data center with a single entry and exit point to a global network comprising many data centers and hundreds of entry and exit points. This business and service migration to remote data centers, where computing and storage are rented from a larger company, is referred to as cloud computing. Companies and people have realized great benefits that result from the use of cloud computing systems – not only in terms of productivity, but also in access to high-speed systems for managing very large data sets in ways that would be financially impossible for some small and midsized companies. Larger companies have also realized the benefits of cheap utility cloud computing as these companies migrate critical database ,transactional processing systems, and software packages to a rented space in a data center that can be anywhere in the world. This migration also has …

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Login to Your PC by Simply Looking

Logging into Windows has never been easier! Just look into a webcam for a moment, and you’ll be logged into your account before you notice. Blink! Advanced face recognition technologies to provide automatic, quick and reliable login to one or many computer users. Blink is a biometric PC access application that enables the user to log in to Windows by face, which is captured by the webcam, matched against the registered profile and identified by the application? The application makes it remarkably easy to log in the system as there is no need to enter username and password on Windows startup, or when the system is locked. The logon process is completely automatic and based on received biometric data. With Blink! You can login day or night. Sophisticated face recognition algorithms adjust for varying lighting conditions automatically, making login possible without additional training no matter whether window or artificial lighting is being …

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Server Security Information

For any operating system, it is important to follow server security information the general guidelines. The actual details used to implement these guidelines may vary slightly, but the ideas are the same regardless of the operating system. If followed, these will go a long way toward securing a computer. A server is any computer which processes requests for data or services from another networked computer. These services include, but are not limited to, HTML, print sharing, file sharing, database, application serving and so forth. Workstation operating systems such as NT or Unix/Linux can be configured in such a way as to act as a server. Physical Security All servers must be secured at all times to prevent theft and loss of critical data. They must be protected behind rooms that require access using biometrics or card swipe device. Room keys may be temporary used until one of the approved methods …

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