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How to set up and run a basic network

Did you know that by networking your PCs, you can easily share files, back up important data, and more, believe it or not, you don’t have to be an IT guru to set up and run a small business or home network, The fundamental concepts are simple, and you don’t have to have any real computing prowess to tackle the basics.

Networking definitions: terms, concepts and technologies
before working with a network, you need to understand the vocabulary associated with it. What a network is, how it works and what kind of technologies play a role in networked communications.

Understanding networking software
you can’t have a network without an operating system, you’ll learn how operating systems provide communications across the network. You’ll also look at client versus server operating systems, and how applications share data.

Connecting a wireless network
No matter whether your network is wired or wireless, you still need to consider basic network layout and design, network addressing, access and more.

Working with servers
Servers can form the heart of your network, you’ll learn about different uses for servers, and determine which factors will help you decide to host your own services or have someone else do it.

Managing network security
Once you have your network up and running, security is a top priority, what it takes to properly maintain a wired or wireless network, network performance optimization, how to make sure your network is secure and how to establish a network maintenance routine.

A networking toolkit
when your network develops a problem, identify and address common problems that affect a network and ho to effectively troubleshoot issues so that your network stays healthy.

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