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Google speed up the internet

Google has rolled out two technologies that it hope will speed up the internet, the first is a major update to its search engine that adds real time results to search pages, pushing Google further ahead in the race to deliver the most up-to-date information, the search giant now immediately indexes content from services the …

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Protect Your Network with OpenDNS

The security benefits are well worth the times investment, OpenDNS can protect your small business network, is take a few minutes to set it up and is free and has contributed significantly to combat against the conficker worm, and it will protect your network from any number of future attacks, as a bonus, it may help your network users experience better browsing performance. Before i describe how to do this, let’s review what the domain name system is, much as a phone book lets you look up people’s phone number by looking up their names, the DNS provide a unique address registry for computer, type in “”, and DNS translates that name into a sequence of four numbers called an IP Address (for, it’s In the overall internet infrastructure, various public, semi-public and private providers maintain a series of master phone books, or DNS root servers at strategic …

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DNS Stub Zones in Windows Server 2003

Stub zones are a new feature of DNS in Windows Server 2003 that can be used to streamline name resolution, especially in a split namespace scenario. They also help reduce the amount of DNS traffic on your network, making DNS more efficient especially over slow WAN links. This article will look in detail at what stub zones are, how they work, and when to use them. I’ll also walk you through the process of creating a stub zone to facilitate name lookups between two separate forests. But first, a little background on DNS zones is necessary to see where stub zones fit into the overall picture. Types of DNS Zones A zone is a contiguous portion of DNS namespace managed by one or more name servers. Zones contain resource records that specify the name of the DNS server authoritative for the zone (SOA record), the names and IP addresses of …

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DNS Conditional Forwarding in Windows Server 2003

Conditional forwarding is a new feature of DNS in Windows Server 2003 that can be used to speed up name resolution in certain scenarios. They can also be used to help companies resolve each other’s namespace in a situation where companies collaborate a merger is underway. This article will look in detail at how conditional forwarding works, how to configure it, and when you might use it. But first, let’s briefly review the concepts of forwarding and forwarders in traditional DNS, starting with different types of name queries. Forwarders and Forwarding When a name server is queried in DNS, the way it responds depends on the type of query issued, which can be either iterative or recursive. In an iterative query, the client asks the name server for the best possible answer to its query. The name server checks its cache and the zones for which it is authoritative and …

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