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Losing your phones could cost you

Lost or stolen smart phones is more than just an in inconvenience, it can lead to identity fraud or corporate espionage and even compromise the integrity of your medical records, 24 percent of cell phone owners store PINs and password on a handset, 11 percent store personal identification info, and 10 percent store credit card …

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Choose the Perfect Smartphone

How much of your day do you spend on the phone? How about checking and answering e-mail? As important as your laptop or desktop may be, your Smartphone has arguably become the most important tool in your personal tech arsenal. The right one can make you more efficient, better connected, and more attractive to the opposite sex. (Well, two out of three, anyway.) And when it’s past time to upgrade, an old phone on a bad network starts to feel like a weight around your neck. This fall’s crops of smartphones are the lightest, slimmest, and most capable ever. But with so many choices, it’s important to know your options. Whether you’re looking for a Blackberry, an iPhone, or something more exotic, keep these in mind when you’re picking out your next phone. Check Service with Friends Phones Go GSM if at all Possible Learn Your Contract Rights Know the …

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iPhone Password Manager

Do you use an application to help you keep track of all web passwords and for automated sign-in? If yes, chances are you currently missing it on your iPhone. Not any more as there is some good news for all you folks, the makers of 1Password have come up with with a clever way to sync your passwords with the iPhone as they have just announced “1Password for iPhone” which uses an ingenious way to sync data to the iPhone. All the details of the latest iPhone application and a step by step guide available after the jump. Agile Web Solutions, the makers of 1Password have announced that 1Password 2.5 sports a new icon on its toolbar “Sync to iPhone” clicking on which will export all your 1Password data to an encrypted Safari Bookmarklet, which can then be used on the iPhone (or even iPod Touch) to access all your …

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