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Deal with information overload

We live in a 24×7 culture, where multitasking isn’t just fashionable, it’s considered essential. Astounding numbers of people write text messages or take phone calls while they’re driving, write to-do lists in meetings, or read e-mails while they’re on the phone. The more tasks we juggle, the more we cram into our lives, the more productive we feel. But have we really got it all, or just pieces of everything? Are we juggling too much as we race breathlessly through the day, and are we losing the ability to focus on anything in depth? Has a constant flow of data become something we crave, the symbol of a full life? Drowning in data with messages flying at us from all directions, we’re drowning in data. The average office worker receives over 150 e-mails a day, not to mention numerous calls on different types of telephone, faxes, SMS and instant messages …

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The Reason to Backup Your Data

Storing your entire digital life on a PC or laptop has never been easier. However, keeping you’re treasured Memories, digital entertainment, and crucial documents in one place also means you’re in constant danger of losing it all in the blink of an eye. That’s why protecting your data with regular backups is as important as ever Without a reliable backup, data loss is painful, costly, and often permanent Your data isn’t just a bunch of electronic bits, it’s your life! And you could lose it all in an instant. Hard drives crash, laptops disappear, people delete things they shouldn’t have it happens all the time. Sure, you can spend the time and money to download all your favorite MP3’s and TV shows again. But what about your digital photos, college term papers? Without a backup of your irreplaceable data and memories, once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

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The perils of portability protect your laptop and your data

If a thief makes off with your laptop, you could lose not only a pricey piece of hardware But financial data, medical records, even your identity. More disturbing still, with wireless connections, your data can be compromised even if your laptop never leaves your hands. Here are a few solutions to consider: PHYSICAL SECURITY Invest In a lock. Industry standard locking cables tether your computer to a desk or other stationary object. Most cost about $20 to $70 and use three- or four-digit combination dials or hard to-crack cylindrical key locks. More-expensive models might add features such as an audible alarm. Register your notebook. If you fill out the warranty card, the manufacturer will have a record of ownership. Consider registering with property- protection programs, typically offered by university Police, insurance agencies, and credit-card companies. Install tracking software. A few companies offer unreadable programs that will secretly send a coded …

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How Do You Know Your Data Encryption is Really Secure

There are various types and methods of data encryption. Some of the most popular forms of data encryption include single file encryption, folder encryption, volume encryption, whole disk encryption, and of course email encryption. The Windows XP operating system has the ability to perform file and folder encryption. There are 3rd party tools, like PGP Desktop, which can perform whole disk, logical disk, file, and e-mail encryption. If you routinely deal with confidential or sensitive information, or if you are concerned about private information falling into someone else’s hands, encryption may be the way you want to go. However, there are a few things you should be aware of so you don’t have a false sense of security. First, What Is Data Encryption Throughout ancient and modern history people have come up with ways to mask, hide, and verify that information is secure or valid. For instance; the ancient Babylonians …

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