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A guide to wireless guest access

Wireless guest access for smaller organizations People today expect Internet and e-mail access everywhere they go. Even if your business is quite small, it’s likely that your customers, vendors or partners could benefit from network access while they are your guests. Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) assume that providing guest network access is complicated …

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WPA Wi-Fi Encryption Cracked

SECURITY researcher says they’ve developed a way to partially crock the Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) encryption standard that is used to safeguard data on many wireless networks. Erik Tews was demonstrate the attack at the PacSec conference in Tokyo in mid November, cracking WPA encryption could be exploited to read data being sent from a router to laptop or sent bogus information to a client connected to the router, tews and co researcher martin beck found way to temporal key integrity protocol (TKIP) key which WPA uses in a relatively short 12 to 15 minutes. In the particular attack, however they have not managed to crack the encryption keys used to secure data sent from the pc to the router. WPA widely used on today’s Wi-Fi networks is considered superior to the original WEP (wired equivalent privacy) standard. Which most security professional now deem insecure. The process upgrading from WEP …

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Choosing the Right Wireless for Your Network

Setting up wireless network can be fairly easy, but considering the wide variety of wireless technologies on the market, choosing the right product for your network needs can be daunting. In its most basic form, a wireless network consists, the base station can be a router that acts as a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server, provides security and contains port for wired clients; it can also be an access point that allows wireless connectivity to an existing wired network, the client is typically a laptop with an integrated Wi-Fi adapter or a wireless PC Card adapter, many desktop motherboards now features integrated Wi-Fi components as well, but older PCs may require a wireless USB adapter or an internal wireless networking card, you’ll need broadband connection such as DSL or cable and the appropriate modem to share internet connectivity throughout your home of office. Choosing a Standard With the 802.11n …

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How to using wireless laptop at work and home

So you’ve got a brand new laptop at the office. Maybe you’re really lucky and got a Tablet PC. Whatever model or brand you got, it almost certainly includes wireless support. Now you can work from anywhere in the office or campus without having to find an available network plug. Your IT department will handle setting up your new laptop for the work network. Make sure they show you how to connect to the network when you’re on the road or outside the office. They probably have specific instructions or software you need to use to make a virtual private network (VPN) connection to the network. But when you bring your new wireless laptop home, you’re in charge of making it work with the wireless setup you have there. And if you want to work from your neighborhood coffee shop, that’s up to you too. In this column, I’ll help …

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