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Strategies for selling your old tech equipment

It’s not your fault that manufacturers continually create faster processor, slicker smartphones, and bigger TVs, for instance, in all probability you didn’t write letters to companies, demanding that they invent a high definition camcorder that would fit your pocket, but at this point, the inescapable facts are that someone made em and now you want …

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The perils of portability protect your laptop and your data

If a thief makes off with your laptop, you could lose not only a pricey piece of hardware But financial data, medical records, even your identity. More disturbing still, with wireless connections, your data can be compromised even if your laptop never leaves your hands. Here are a few solutions to consider: PHYSICAL SECURITY Invest In a lock. Industry standard locking cables tether your computer to a desk or other stationary object. Most cost about $20 to $70 and use three- or four-digit combination dials or hard to-crack cylindrical key locks. More-expensive models might add features such as an audible alarm. Register your notebook. If you fill out the warranty card, the manufacturer will have a record of ownership. Consider registering with property- protection programs, typically offered by university Police, insurance agencies, and credit-card companies. Install tracking software. A few companies offer unreadable programs that will secretly send a coded …

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How to using wireless laptop at work and home

So you’ve got a brand new laptop at the office. Maybe you’re really lucky and got a Tablet PC. Whatever model or brand you got, it almost certainly includes wireless support. Now you can work from anywhere in the office or campus without having to find an available network plug. Your IT department will handle setting up your new laptop for the work network. Make sure they show you how to connect to the network when you’re on the road or outside the office. They probably have specific instructions or software you need to use to make a virtual private network (VPN) connection to the network. But when you bring your new wireless laptop home, you’re in charge of making it work with the wireless setup you have there. And if you want to work from your neighborhood coffee shop, that’s up to you too. In this column, I’ll help …

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3 ways to protect your laptop on the road

The newest laptops are powerful, light, and thin enough to fit easily into the slenderest of carry-on baggage. This makes them a great accessory for flying or any other mode of travel, but also easier to lose or have stolen.It pays to be extra vigilant at airport security checkpoints where thieves know people can be flustered. You should also store your laptop in the seat in front of you, instead of in the overhead compartment when you fly. But even if you’re extra careful, it’s still possible to lose your laptop. If you spend some time securing your laptop before you go on the road, you could help keep your personal or financial information from falling into the wrong hands. Here are our top tips to help you secure the information on your laptop. Protect your information If you keep a lot of personal or financial information on your computer, …

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