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Tips for hot spot security

Comfortable? Enjoying your coffee at the corner café while watching the world go by? And so you should, it’s a lovely day outside. You’ve even got your notebook on the table, finishing some work; life is good.  But what about the guy up the back? Think he’s also enjoying a large decaf while working out of the …

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Losing your phones could cost you

Lost or stolen smart phones is more than just an in inconvenience, it can lead to identity fraud or corporate espionage and even compromise the integrity of your medical records, 24 percent of cell phone owners store PINs and password on a handset, 11 percent store personal identification info, and 10 percent store credit card numbers. If your mobile phone is stolen, the thief can do a reverse lookup of your cell number to obtain of your cell number to obtain your name and address, that and a stored credit card number can lead to “account take over”, where the thief changes an existing account’s billing address and unless your card issuer call you, the absence of your monthly statement might go unnoticed. With such info, a thief could also open new account using your name, as you often wouldn’t know these accounts are being opened, this problem can take …

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What real world working you need from a laptop

Technology vendors often make the mistake of thinking that what you want dumber down technology or couldn’t be more wrong, I’ve tested more than my share of notebook in the past few years, in fact, I’ve had the pleasure or trying out nearly every notebook on the market, I’ve taken them on business trips, into meetings and home for the weekend, what I’ve learned is that I’ve never been happy with dumbed-down notebook, here are the real specs i look for every time. Weight and size I’ve got to able to put a portable in my large purse or extra shoulder bag, less than 5 pound is doable, less than 4 is ideal. Performance For a fast laptop that will last few years, i recommend a 2 GHz CPU or faster (they nearly dual-core) and 4GB RAM. Battery life Long time battery life often comes at the expense of weight, …

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Choosing the Right Wireless for Your Network

Setting up wireless network can be fairly easy, but considering the wide variety of wireless technologies on the market, choosing the right product for your network needs can be daunting. In its most basic form, a wireless network consists, the base station can be a router that acts as a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server, provides security and contains port for wired clients; it can also be an access point that allows wireless connectivity to an existing wired network, the client is typically a laptop with an integrated Wi-Fi adapter or a wireless PC Card adapter, many desktop motherboards now features integrated Wi-Fi components as well, but older PCs may require a wireless USB adapter or an internal wireless networking card, you’ll need broadband connection such as DSL or cable and the appropriate modem to share internet connectivity throughout your home of office. Choosing a Standard With the 802.11n …

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