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6 ways to beat computer viruses

Computer viruses: they’ve been around for years, and they aren’t going away. And they continue to proliferate and cause major damage, with the “Gumblar” or “Geno” virus as the latest high-profile virus to infect computers. This virus is a particularly insidious one, with a multi-phased attack. After infecting a machine, Gumblar installs a series of malware programs, including a small application capable of stealing FTP credentials. It can gain control of an entire website and freely operate it. Gumblar also monitors the infected user’s online activity, and waits for the user to conduct Google searches. The malware hijacks the search results, replacing them with any link of its choice and further infecting the computer with malware. The virus also installs a fake antivirus program known as System Security 2009, and disables any legitimate security software. So what can you do to avoid becoming a victim of this and other viruses? …

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Speed up that old PC

It’s not your imagination. That computer you bought a few years ago really is slower. Programs take longer to open and so do Web pages. Booting your machine takes an eternity. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time for a new computer. You just need to bring it back up to speed. I’ll tell you how to do just that. Links to programs and sites I mention are at Check for malware Spyware, adware and viruses slow your machine. Malware shouldn’t be a problem if you use up-to-date security software. Still, scan your machine for viruses and spyware and remove any problems found. If you need security software, visit my site for free programs. Clean your hard drive A full hard drive slows down your computer. It will take longer to access files. So, clean it up. Windows and programs you install often create temporary and setup files. Use Disk Clean-up to …

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What Color is a Security Hole?

Computer attacks is space are no longer the stuff of science fiction, recently, laptops on international space station on the international space turned out to have computer viruses, NASA Believes that the malware a pass word stealer that the targets online games, may have infected the laptops via USB thumb drive that one of the astronauts carried aboard, while it wasn’t much of a threat, it just goes to s how the little buggers are everywhere. One flaw in the largely forgotten windows image color management (ICM) system allows a villain to take over your pc if you view a tainted image displayed on a web page or embedded in office document or email. This is one of 19 holes for which Microsoft issued six critical patches; attackers could use them for their malicious creations (no booster rocket required). Though ICM (meant to ensure that colors display correctly on different …

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