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Data Protection for Virtual Data Centers

By Jason Buffington Wiley Publishing, Inc| English | 530 pages | PDF | 7.874 KB | Download | Password: datacenter When an operating system or an application is initially created (version 1), there are lots of features that cannot be included. After all, if the manufacturer waited until every feature was included, it would never …

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Digital Forensics for network, internet, and cloud computing

The modern computer environment has moved past the local data center with a single entry and exit point to a global network comprising many data centers and hundreds of entry and exit points. This business and service migration to remote data centers, where computing and storage are rented from a larger company, is referred to as cloud computing. Companies and people have realized great benefits that result from the use of cloud computing systems – not only in terms of productivity, but also in access to high-speed systems for managing very large data sets in ways that would be financially impossible for some small and midsized companies. Larger companies have also realized the benefits of cheap utility cloud computing as these companies migrate critical database ,transactional processing systems, and software packages to a rented space in a data center that can be anywhere in the world. This migration also has …

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