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By Stephen A. Bender Elsevier Ltd.| English | 233 pages | PDF | 9.561 KB | Download | Password: project A project is an organised effort to a specific, typically one-time, goal. We will be looking at projects not only in business but also personally, including home life, raising a family-even self-improvement. It is important to …

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Effective I.T Service Management

I.T issues affect everyone. Whether it’s a mix up at a government department delaying the payment of benefits/rebates or an air traffic control systems crash which causes inbound and outbound flights to be suspended at the nation’s airports, IT errors can have significant consequences. Even when the results of such failures aren’t life threatening they can have a massive financial impact upon the organisations concerned. Millions of dollars a year are lost due to IT problems. These losses accrue from waste, fines/penalties, decreases in productivity, the need to redo work that is lost and missed sales opportunities to name but a few. Consider your daily routine – You’re forced to skip breakfast because your ‘Wheaties’ flakes weren’t delivered with your online grocery order as the order picking printout at the central depot got jammed in a printer. Your commute into work was even more hellish than normal due to a …

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