Sunday , 26 May 2024
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Steerable 802.11 Cantenna

I love projects that start off with a definite need – however daft it might be ! This one came about because the 802.11 chili can antennas we built were a bit of a pain to mount and point at various 802.11 access points. I thought it would be handy to build a steering platform …

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SD/MMC card fits in floppy edge-connector

You can attach an SD camera memory card to any homebrew DIY project that has a few I/O pins, using ordinary connectors you probably have right now. SD cards are very popular for this purpose, because they only need a few pins (using SPI mode), and can be driven with simple “bit-bashed” SPI serial communications protocol, using free device drivers readily available on the Internet. Until now, the big holdup for using an SD card in many homebrew projects has been the fact that SD sockets are not available at your local store, are not cheap (especially after shipping), and require ordering and waiting for them to arrive. But wait no longer! You can do it now! If not just laying around, or inside an old unused computer, you may have a spare connector inside the computer you are reading this with right now. seet more at

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