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6 ways to beat computer viruses

Computer viruses: they’ve been around for years, and they aren’t going away. And they continue to proliferate and cause major damage, with the “Gumblar” or “Geno” virus as the latest high-profile virus to infect computers. This virus is a particularly insidious one, with a multi-phased attack. After infecting a machine, Gumblar installs a series of malware programs, including a small application capable of stealing FTP credentials. It can gain control of an entire website and freely operate it. Gumblar also monitors the infected user’s online activity, and waits for the user to conduct Google searches. The malware hijacks the search results, replacing them with any link of its choice and further infecting the computer with malware. The virus also installs a fake antivirus program known as System Security 2009, and disables any legitimate security software. So what can you do to avoid becoming a victim of this and other viruses? …

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