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Why Twitter needs security

The concept of twitter building networks to share teeny-weeny bits of information, who need to read a steady of people’s random thought each in 140 character or less, yet twitter is taking the world by storm, it’s number of active users has grown 900 percent from 2007 to 2008, and actually twitter can be quite …

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Switch phone call to Internet Calling

A phone line is indispensable, but its cost can sometimes seem intolerable, internet calling lets you use a phone or computer to place call to and from “real” phone number on the public switched telephone network (PSTN), internet calling plans can help you save money by capping call expense; they combine local, long distance and calling features, such as voice mail and caller ID that can cost extra on landlines. You should consider only those services that include unlimited incoming calls and no per-minute fees for outbound call, some packages include or allow to other country, such unlimited packages often have a time limit per month, tap cable and DSL bundle VoIP has a reputation for cracking sound quality and dropped calls, broadband operator have an advantage, they manage both your side and their side of the phone call, the gear they provide for your network talks directly to the …

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Make your computer go faster

Using the performance tab of task manager, you can access exactly how much of an impact program that hog lot of memory are having on overall performance, the constantly updating graphs show processor and page file, referred to as virtual memory usage but the really useful information is in the four panels that sit below them. Total panel, which records how many handles, threads and processes are currently in use, processes have already been identified as the individual task the PC is running, the number of threads tell you how many separate sets of instructions are being executed by those processes and the number of handles is the total number of resources of all types that windows is juggling. Although these figures offer a guide as to how busy windows is at any time, they’re only useful if you regularly keep an eye on them and have managed to detect …

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